• Graduate Program
    Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner

    The purpose of this BSN-DNP program is to prepare family care nurse practitioners to become skilled in meeting healthcare needs of individuals and families across the life span. Family nurse practitioners concern their practice with the treatment of common, uncomplicated problems and the prevention of disease and disability. Program graduates will be eligible to take the Family Nurse Practitioner certification examinations. Graduates will also be eligible for licensure as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners by the Florida Board of Nursing.

    Those who already hold MSN degrees should go to the post-MSN DNP and/or FNP Certificate webpages if interested in becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.  

    The School of Nursing offers both full- and part-time enrollment in this degree program. 


    Program of Study


  • Major: Nursing
    Concentration: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
    Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice
    1st Semester (13 credits)
    Fall semester
    NGR5003C Health Assessment/Diagnostics (4 Credits)
    NGR5172 Pharmacotherapeutics (3 Credits)
    NGR5141 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 Credits)
    NGR6740 Role Dev in Adv Practice Nsg (3 Credits)
    2nd Semester (11 credits)
    Spring semester
    NGR5601C Dx and Manage Acute Cond (5 Credits)
    NGR5110 Theory Framework for Practice (3 Credits)
    NGR6673 Prin Epidem for Adv Prac (3 Credits)
    3rd Semester (12 credits)
    Summer semester
    NGR6602C Hlth Prom of Child, Men, Women (6 Credits)
    NGR5810 Research Methods for EBP (3 Credits)
    NGR7154 Advanced Bioscience (3 Credits)
    4th Semester (12 credits)
    Fall semester
    NGR6603C Advanced Nursing Practice III (6 Credits)
    NGR6894 Global Health Care and Culture (3 Credits)
    NGR7179 Adv Pharm Mgt (3 Credits)
    5th Semester (11 credits)
    Spring semester
    NGR7768 Role Devel in ANP (3 Credits)
    NGR7843 Stat Interp for Adv Prac (3 Credits)
    NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3-9 Credits)
    NGR7850 Evidence Based Practice I (3 Credits)
    6th Semester (11 credits)
    Summer semester
    NGR7871 Health Informatics for AP (3 Credits)
    NGR6892 Pub Pol Impl Adv Prac (3 Credits)
    NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3-9 Credits)
    NGR7851 Evidence Based Practice II (3 Credits)
    7th Semester (8 credits)
    Fall semester
    NGR7796 Practice Management (3 Credits)
    NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3-9 Credits)
    NGR7974 Doctoral Project (1-6 Credits)
    8th Semester (4 credits)
    Spring semester
    NGR7974 Doctoral Project (1-6 Credits)
    NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3-9 Credits)


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