• Undergraduate Program
    Accelerated Prelicensure BSN


    This track is for those already holding a baccalaureate degree in another field of study who want to prepare for a career in nursing while earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Accelerated Prelicensure track is concentrated and can be completed in 3½ consecutive semesters of full-time study.  Upon graduation from the program, students will sit for the NCLEX licensing exam for RNs. This track is not designed for those who will not possess a baccalaureate degree in another field before entering.  The Accelerated Prelicensure BSN track admits for summer (May start) and fall (August start) annually.  Each cohort has 36 seats based on clinical groups of nine (9).  Spring admission is not available for this track.

    The curriculum provides a strong scientific base of study with a diversity of clinical experiences and unique opportunities to work with vulnerable and underserved populations. The curriculum is community-based in that it supports engagement with the community throughout the nursing major by nurturing and building relationships with community agencies consistently over time through an innovative home-basing of students in a designated community for the entire length of their nursing program. The nursing program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.


    Check out the Real Story as presented by the UNF Student Nurses' Association Breakthrough to Nursing Committee.

    Two types of courses make up the nursing curriculum: professional courses and clinical/laboratory courses. Clinical/laboratory courses are distinguished by the C or L that follows the course number. Clinical courses will carry a 1:4 credit-to-contact hour ratio. The nursing curriculum is a full-time course of study and follows a specific sequence.

    Program of Study


  • Major: Nursing
    Concentration: Prelicensure Accel. Nursing
    Degree: BS in Nursing
    Prerequisites (27 credits)
    Attention Regular & Accelerated Prelicensure BSN applicants ONLY: In progress enrollment does not constitute completion/meeting your prerequisite requirements. You must successfully complete all required coursework to remain a viable School of Nursing applicant. You must maintain a 2.90 or higher prerequisite GPA for consideration at the time of the application deadline in addition to the minimum cumulative GPA required (2.90 for Regular Prelicensure; 3.20 for Accelerated Prelicensure). At least 5 of the 8 nursing-specific prerequisite courses, including no less than 3 of the 4 required science courses (MCB, A&P I w/lab, A&P II w/lab, & Additional Science), must be completed by the application deadline. Proof of enrollment in all remaining courses must be supplied to the School of Nursing Admissions Office by the deadline.
    SELECT One social science course
    Any PSYXXXX, SOPXXXX, or SYGXXXX is acceptable.
    **PSY2012 is a required prerequisite to DEP3054 at UNF.
    DEP3054 Lifespan Developmental Psych (3 Credits)
    DEPX004, DEPX054, DEPX000, DEPX414, or any Human Growth and Development across the Life Span may be substituted for DEP3054.
    STA2014 (GM)Elem Statistics-Health/SS (3 Credits)
    STAX014, STAX023, STAX122, STAX022, or any Statistic course maybe be substituted for STA 2014.
    HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition (3 Credits)
    HUNX201, NURX192 or any Human Nutrition course may be substituted for HUN 2201.
    MCB2010C Microbiology (4 Credits)
    MCBX010C, MCBX010/X010L, MCBX013c, MCBX013/X013L, MCBX000/X000L, MCBX004/X004L, or any Microbiology with lab may be substituted for MCB 2010C.
    **If taking MCB course at UNF, BSC1010c and CHM2045/2045L are required prerequisites.
    BSC2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)
    BSCX085c, BSCX085/X085L, BSCX093c, BSCX093/X093L, or any Human Anatomy and Physiology I or Human Anatomy.
    BSC2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 Credits)
    BSCX086c, BSCX086/X086L, BSCX094c, BSCX094/X094L, or any Human Anatomy and Physiology II or Human Physiology.
    SELECT Additional science course
    Any CHMXXXX, BCHXXXX, BSCXXXX, PCBXXXX, or PHYXXXX with a minimum of 3 credit hours is acceptable.
    1st Semester (14 credits)
    Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
    NUR3028L Nursing Competencies (2 Credits)
    NUR3065L Health Assessment (3 Credits)
    NUR3128 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology (4 Credits)
    NUR3619 Family/Community Assessment (3-4 Credits)
    NUR3619L Clinical Practicum I (2 Credits)
    2nd Semester (18 credits)
    Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
    NUR3532 Psych Nsg Concepts (2 Credits)
    NUR3229 Adult Hlth I Rehab Nsg (2 Credits)
    NUR3225 Adult Hlth II Med Surg Nsg (4 Credits)
    NUR3235L Clinical Practicum II (6 Credits)
    NUR3816 Professional Nursing Concepts (4 Credits)
    3rd Semester (14 credits)
    Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
    NUR3167 Nursing Science II (2 Credits)
    NUR4492 Women's Hlth Nsg Concepts (1 Credit)
    NUR4352 Concepts of Pediatric Nursing (1 Credit)
    NUR4636 Community Partnerships (3 Credits)
    NUR4466L Clinical Practicum III (4 Credits)
    NUR4828 Role Transition (3 Credits)
    4th Semester (5 credits)
    Must be completed with a grade of "C" of higher.
    NUR4168 Nursing Science III (1 Credit)
    NUR4945L Directed Clinical Study (1-4 Credits)
    Accelerated Prelicensure Nursing students take NUR4945L with 4 credits.