Contact the School of Nursing

Please note that email is the preferred method of contact for the School of Nursing. Most inquiries are handled within 2-3 business days during non-peak times (i.e., beginning of terms, end of terms, and application deadlines). Sometimes messages sent from UNF emails are delivered to "spam" or "junk" boxes; be sure to check those regularly. 


Be sure to include your full name and, when available, UNF ID number (N#) in all messages to the School of Nursing. Note that it is not desired that multiple individuals be sent the same email; if you have reached out to an incorrect contact then rest assured your message will be rerouted in a timely manner to the appropriate contact or office. Your patience is most appreciated!


For specific information about admission to our programs, please contact:


 Dr. Beth Dibble  

Assistant Director for Admissions: Nursing Programs

 Ms. Emily Mistisshen  Coordinator for Online Nursing Programs
 NAP Admissions Nurse Anesthetist Program Admissions



For specific information about our undergraduate programs other than admission requirements (please see our admissions contacts above), please contact:


 Dr. Judy Comeaux Regular Prelicensure BSN Program Director
 Dr. Cindy Cummings Accelerated Prelicensure BSN Program Director
 Dr. Debi Wagner RN-BSN Bridge Program Director
 Dr. Kathy Bloom Associate Director of Undergraduate Nursing



For specific information about our graduate programs other than admission requirements (please see our admissions contacts above), please contact:


 Ms. Meghan Niemczyk      Assistant Director: Advanced Nursing Practice

 Dr. Michele Bednarzyk

FNP Program Director

 Dr. Helene Vossos PMHNP Program Director
 Dr. Leigh Powers Post-MSN DNP Program Director (AP format)
 Dr. John McDonough Associate Director of Graduate Nursing



For information concerning School of Nursing faculty, please visit the College's Faculty webpage


For general information or inquiries concerning the School of Nursing (not regarding admission or program curriculum) please contact: 



 Dr. Lillia Loriz             Director of Nursing
 Ms. Judy Kraft               Office Manager
 Ms. Aleta Hayes             Administrative Secretary
 Ms. Amy Woodbury AP Program Assistant