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    Master of Science in Health, Aging Services Management (Formally Geriatric Management)

    The Aging Services Management Program was designed to meet the educational needs of individuals desiring to work in the area of aging services. Additionally, the program focuses on preparation of students wishing to pursue careers as nursing home administrators. The program curriculum has been designed to meet the educational and internship requirements of the Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators for eligibility for admission to the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Examination.


    The mission of the University of North Florida's Aging Services Management Program (Master in Science in Health with a specialization in Aging Services Management) is to prepare graduates for entry and mid-level administrative and management positions in organizations providing health and social services to the aging population.

    The program combines classroom theory and practical field experience that establishes a foundation for lifelong learning and offers students service and research opportunities that contribute to the well-being of Northeast Florida's senior population. The Program's focus reflects the College and University commitment to excellence in education, accountability for dissemination of new knowledge gained from individual and collaborative research efforts and contribution of relevant knowledge and expertise to regional and state health organizations through participation in service activities.

    UNF's Aging Services Management Program is one of few nationally that provides graduate students the ability to earn degrees specifically in management of aging services. Florida, as the state with the highest percentage of its population over 65 has a vested interest in preparing competent, qualified administrators for the wide variety of health and social services serving our aging population.

    Curriculum Focus

    The Aging Services Management program curriculum prepares students to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following four content areas:
    1.  Physical, psychological and social factors influencing human aging
    2. Organization and delivery of health and social services for aging populations
    3. Aging policy and politics.
    4. Knowledge and skills required to administer and manage health and social services for aging populations.

    Relationships with Community Stakeholders

    The program has affiliation agreements with nursing homes, aging service providers and local and state agencies providing aging services. Faculty members work with preceptors within these organizations in placement of students for internship and field experiences. The program also consults with leadership of these organizations as to industry needs and facility expectations of students. These community partners serve in an advisory role to the program. Curriculum and instruction are updated based upon their input.

    Program of Study

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