2007 Caring Community Conference

The first Caring Community Conference was held September 26-28, 2007. The Caring Community Conference was designed to encourage collaboration among northeast Florida community leaders, providing a forum for exploring opportunities to expand healthcare, medical care, and biomedical industries. Over 100 conference participants represented leadership from community, civic, government, educational and healthcare organizations in northeast Florida. Participants convened for two and a half days, examining health issues and assets, and formulating specific recommendations to support and enhance the community's health, medical and bioscience industries.



  • Dr. Yank Coble 2007 Welcome
  • Honorable Fred Schultz
  • Mayor John Peyton

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Keynote - Optimistic views on health futures

Goldsmith    Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D., President, Health Futures, Inc.


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Northeast Florida Healthcare and Bioscience Industry Economic Impact Study

 P Mason    Paul Mason, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Dept. of Economics and Geography, UNF


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Introduction to the Panels

Yank Coble   Yank Coble, MD, Center Director

 2007 Cici Connolly   Ceci Connolly, Facilitator

Five Panel Discussions focused on community health issues, trends in patient care,  medical education, research, and bioscience industry. Twenty-one local health and medical care leaders participated as panelists.

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Panel 1: Health Issues in Our Community

  • Capt. Raquel Bono, MD, CO, Naval Hospital Jax 
  • Jim Borland, MD, VA ClinicPanel 1                                                                     
  • Jim Burkhart, Shands Jax 
  • Robert Harmon, MD, DCHD


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Panel 2: Our Healthcare/ Medical Care Assets

  • Bob Brigham, Mayo CliniPanel 2
  • Hugh Greene, Baptist
  • Bob Nuss, MD, UF Jax                                                                    
  • Paul Pitel, MD, Nemours
  • Scott Whalen, Ph.D., St. Vincent’s


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Panel 3: Professional Medical/Health Education 

  • Pam Arn, MD, NemoursPanel 3
  • Pam Chally, Ph.D., UNF BCH                                                                   
  • Connie Haan, MD, UF Jax 
  • Bob Watson, MD, UF Gainesville


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Panel 4: Research: Bench to Bedside

  • Alan Berger, MD, UF JaxPanel 4
  • Tom Brott, MD, Mayo Clinic                                                                  
  • Vicky Funanage, Ph.D., Nemours 
  • Bruce Kone, MD, UF Gainesville


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Panel 5: Our Healthcare and Bioscience Industry

  • Bob Blankemeyer, Medtronic 
  • Michael Koren, MD, Encore ResearchPanel 5                                   
  • David R. Smith, Vistakon 
  • Art Wotiz, Novabone


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Global Opportunities and Challenges Forum

  • Douglas Barrett, MD, Sr. VP Health Affairs, UF 
  • Otmar Kloiber, MD, Secretary General, WMA                                       Forum
  • Cecil Wilson, MD, Immediate Past Chair, AMA

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Breakout Sessions - Friday, September 28th


Friday Morning Recap - Ceci Connolly 2007 Cici Connolly








 Breakout Session A - Bill Mason, Ed.D.  Session A







Breakout Session B - Preston HaskellSession B







Breakout Session C - Michael Boylan Session C







 Breakout Session D - Judge Susan Black Session D







Breakout Session E - Steven Wallace, Ph.D. Session E






Prioritizing the Recommendations - Ceci Connolly


Closing Remarks - Yank Coble, MD, Center Director  







Conference Packet



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