Bridging Jax and Jax Arts

Bridging Jax

A Community Based Transformational Learning Pilot  

Would you like to see how what you learn in class actually works in the real world?
Would you like to develop skills that will be useful to your major and future career?  


Then, fulfill a University General Education requirement spring term by enrolling in one of six Bridging Jax courses. Each will meet individually two-thirds of the time; all the classes will meet on occasion to hear from an important community member, to see a film, or to see student projects. Students earn 3 hours of social science credit.


Bridging Jax focuses on issues of inequality, crime, and the environment.  The course pedagogy: reflective judgment, problem-based learning with an extended community based component.


Bridging Jax courses are offered in spring semesters. 

Course Goals

These courses will emphasize the General Education outcomes: Know the World, Think Critically, and Respect Others. In particular:

  • Students will be able to explain the sources for and the nature of Jacksonville's challenges and opportunities.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of how each social science discipline contributes to our understanding of social issues in Jacksonville.
    • (Competence) An ability to view issues from multiple perspectives
  • Students will demonstrate civic knowledge and engagement.
    • (Citizenship) An ability to articulate specific examples of the interconnection of persons and interdependence of systems  
  • Students will recognize their places in the world in relation to others.
    • (Character) Identifying that one's own preconceptions about the world are inherently limited and thus valuing new conceptions  

Jax Arts

Coming Soon!