Coastal Biology Academics

Undergraduate Information

Beginning Fall 2009 the biology department established five “tracks” or areas of concentration that can be designated for the B.S. degree in Biology.  Students who are interested in coastal studies have two options to meet their needs. Each track has a specific course of study,which allows students to focus their major electives in studies that have a coastal emphasis.  A complete listing of courses is available in the university catalog


Coastal Biology Track 

This track is designed to provide a broad background in biology with a special emphasis on the biology of coastal organisms and ecosystems. This track is especially suited for students interested in pursuing graduate  work and research careers in coastal, freshwater and marine ecosystems.


Coastal Environmental Science Track 

This track is designed to prepare students for entry into positions with government and environmental agencies to do environmental work.  It is a multidisciplinary program and provides students with foundation biology, statistics, ethics and public policy courses. 

Research Opportunities

All of the faculty involved in the Coastal program involve undergraduates and graduate students in their research programs.  Learn more information about positions that are available to students by reading about faculty research on their web pages.  Make an appointment to speak with the faculty member about their research and the opportunities that are available. 

Internship Opportunities

There is tremendous demand by various segments of the Jacksonville community as well as demand from students interested in Biology with strengths in Coastal or Marine Biology. There are many current students with Coastal Biology engaged in internships with agencies and private employers.  Students who are interested in internship should research opportunities available in the area and come to speak with the Chair or Assistant Chair about their interests.


Graduate Information

Faculty in the Coastal Biology program are involved in research and offer opportunities for graduate students who are interested in coastal topics.  Graduate students can apply for support through coastal travel and research grants.  This support can be used to subsidize travel to conferences and supplies for research.  For more information about the graduate research opportunities in the Coastal Biology program contact faculty members who are conducting research in a field of interest.  Learn more about the Biology Graduate program through our website and contact the Dr. Matthew Gilg, Graduate Coordinator for specific questions.