Religious Studies Programs of Study

The Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies requires a total of 120 semester hours.  Religious Studies majors take 30 credit hours, spread among four categories (foundations, methods, traditions and topics) and a Senior Seminar Capstone.  Religious Studies Majors are encouraged to participate in a study abroad experience. These courses are drawn from the disciplines noted above.    View the My Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guides]  to keep on track for graduation. Osprey Maps should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.


The Minor

The Religious Studies Minor requires 15 semester hours.  Student minoring in Religious Studies must take Comparative Religion, Religion as Culture, and any three upper level Religious Studies (REL) courses or approved courses in the study of religion with other disciplinary prefixes. (These other courses can often be found with Philosophy prefixes (PHI), Anthropology prefixes (ANT) and Sociology prefixes (SOC.)



For more information about the major, contact the Religious Studies Program Director, Dr. Julie Ingersoll.