How to Give to Joe Berg Seminars

What you can do

We need your help, and we are asking you to consider assisting. We have never charged students to participate, and we do not intend to. We want to help these bright scholars, and we make no inquiry regarding their financial situation and strive to avoid any financial barriers to their participation.

Please consider: 

  1. On the right, we've provided the contribution forms for your personal or corporate tax-deductible gift to support Joe Berg through the UNF Foundation. You may also follow the link at the bottom of this page to send your gift to Joe Berg.  Please consider contributing as you are able and as you value the program for your child and for the community. 

  2. We need ongoing assistance from organizations, firms, foundations, and people with annual donations. Joe Berg and its young leaders have much to offer this community and its budding scholars but lack funds for the internal support to make this happen. If you know a person or organization that might welcome the opportunity to have this kind of impact, please tell us!  


We will be happy to knock on a door and/or make a presentation about the Jacksonville Joe Berg Seminars. Please contact us with your suggestions. Help us and our enthusiastic young people, so this unique program may continue well into its second half-century. 

To help contribute, please click here:
Joe Berg Donation Page