Pre-Law Students

The Pre-Law Program has grown during the years and averages 300 students in the Program each year.  Each student who visits the Program office is personally interviews by the Program Director, Martin Edwards and a file is maintained for each student.  Pre-Law students can enroll in the Program beginning in the freshman year, and several post-graduate students are also listed among program enrollees.


Because the law covers all facets of human activity, the contemporary lawyer must be a person with a wide range of interests and a board base of knowledge.  There is no required list of subjects, which must be taken for admission to law school. However, many of the Program students have a reasonable degree of exposure to such subjects as English composition, history, literature, philosophy, political science, and economics, which provide a good background for a full appreciation of the law.  Many of the Program students have selected one of the areas as a major field of concentrated study, but the Program encompasses students from all possible undergraduate majors.


Numerous Pre-Law students are enrolled at UNF.  Each year UNF sends its graduates from diverse economic, academic, racial, and cultural backgrounds to law schools and law-related fields in Florida and throughout the nation.  Historically under-represented in law schools, women and minority group students have discovered that today there are new opportunities for law school admission.