Careers in Political Science

Political Science Majors and Minors have a wide variety of career options. Our graduates have done everything from attending law schools to serving in the Peace Corps to being the chief spokesperson for Governor Charlie Crist.

Some possible Career Options:

  • Attending Law Schools such as University of Florida, Georgetown University, Washington and Lee, Stetson, etc. Marty Edwards is our Pre‐Law Advisor. He can be reached at (904) 620‐1069. 
  • Attending Graduate Schools in Public Administration including our own MPA program. Professor George Candler is the MPA Director. He can be contacted at
  • Careers in the Federal Government including the FBI, Border Patrol, and Professional Administrators in many Government Departments. 
  • Careers in State and Local Government including city administrators, urban planners, and city council members. 
  • Administrators of Non‐Profits such as the Museum of Science and History, Episcopal Children Services, and the United Way. 
  • International Careers such as Diplomatic Officers in U.S. Embassies, Peace Corps, and Military Overseas Assignments. 
  • Journalism Careers. Since over half of the stories Journalists encounter have to do with politics or policy, political science majors can transition to career opportunities at Newspapers and TV stations. 
  • Campaigns and Polling Research. Political Campaigns are in need of Strategists, Fundraisers, and Data Experts. Campaigns spend over a Billion Dollars in the United States during Election Years. 
  • Teaching. The Demand for Elementary and Secondary Teachers is Tremendous. Many states have a shortened educational certificate for non‐education majors to get their teaching certificate. UNF's Education College has such a program. 
  • Professors. Students who aspire to be Professors can take the GRE and search out appropriate Graduate Schools. A PhD in Political Science may take up to 6 years of postgraduate education. 

Beginning Salary Range:

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Summer 2011 Salary Survey, beginning salaries for graduates with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, start at about $47,500 a year.


Please note that these salary numbers are merely estimates; economic conditions may alter these figures 


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Here is a video from the Political Science and Public Administration Chair, Dr. Matthew Corrigan, discussing Political Science Careers:


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Did you know?

UNF's Career Services offers a variety of resources to assist you in transitioning to gainful employment or graduate school, including specific information for majors in Political Science.