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About PSPA

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers a Bachelor's Degree program in political science, plus minors in both political science and public administration. 
We also offer a Graduate Degree program in public administration, Master of Public Administration (MPA.) 

The department focuses its resources to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities for understanding, participating in, and managing the institutions, processes, and behaviors characteristic of national and international politics and public affairs. 

With excellent instruction as the highest priority, the department also supports extensive interaction with external constituencies through local, regional, state, and national professional service, and applied and theoretical research. 
The department is dedicated to maintaining program effectiveness for both students and community partners through continuous self-assessment and improvement. Read the department  academic learning compact to learn more about the department. 

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UNF PSPA Faculty have been quoted by the Washington Post; The Wall St. Journal; USA Today; Miami Herald; and other national and international media outlets.




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