Tracy Alloway


Tracy Alloway 


Phone: (904) 620-1614
Office: Social Sciences Building, Building 51, Room 3439

Research Interests      

Theory of Working Memory

I am interested in how working memory develops across the lifespan. I am also interested in how culture impacts working memory and am involved in a range of projects with colleagues in Europe, South America, Asia, and South Africa           

Diagnosis and Assessment

I have developed and published two standardized tests to measure working memory skills—Automated Working Memory Assessment and the Working Memory Rating Scale.       

Working Memory in Education

I have published a number of studies on the role of working memory in learning from Kindergarten to High School. I am also interested in the benefits of training Working Memory. 

Working Memory & Learning Disorders

I am fortunate to work with charities and NGOs to find out more about how Working Memory impacts learning in individuals with ADHD, Motor Dyspraxia, Reading and Language difficulties, and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 

Working Memory and Health

I collaborate on a number of projects investigating the relationship between Working Memory in anxiety, depression, and gestational diabetes.