Theater/Drama Minor 

Study Theater/Drama

The Theater/Drama minor offers courses that focus on the study of: 

  • Dramatic Literature
  • Acting
  • Producing Plays


Program of Study



These courses provide students with opportunities to read dramatic literature critically, reflectively, and with sensitivity to aesthetic values. They also provide students with the means of exploring the nature of role-playing in general and of taking on the specific personas of differ characters in particular, and of doing so in order to gain an appreciation of the psychological self-transformation that dramatic performance requires.

Finally, they provide students with:

  • practical experience in producing plays (in designing and constructing sets, in determining appropriate costuming and props, in selecting music and other sound effects, and so on);
  • putting on performances before live audiences. 

In addition to immersing students in dramatic literature and its performance, the courses of the Theater/Drama minor help students:

  • develop and refine interpersonal communication skills;
  • think in right-brain fashion;
  • appreciate the bodily and emotional basis of the ways in which we use language;
  • reflect on how humans infer one another’s motivations from our communicative gestures (our words, our body language, our emotional cues);
  • understand how human conflicts can lead to tragedy;
  • learn what enables some dramatic situations to end happily;
  • celebrate and make a resource of human differences;
  • teach students to reflect critically on the relation of self and other and the meaning of community.

Contact Information


Dr. Pamela Monteleone

Associate Professor of Theater/Drama