Upcoming Events in Chemistry 

Fall 2015

Our next seminar will be by Dr. Corey Causey on
Friday September 18th @ 3.30 pm in 50/1404


Development and Utilization of Chemical Probes for the Study of Biological Systems

Abstract - The field of chemical biology has been greatly enabled in recent years by the development of activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) reagents. These small molecule probes can be designed to selectively label proteins of interest with various reporter tags. These tags facilitate the study of modified proteins by rendering them easily distinguishable from other proteins, even in very complex proteomic mixtures. One of the main thrusts of my lab is to develop novel ABPP probes and chemical reporters that target enzyme of potential therapeutic interests, namely agmatine deiminases (AgDs) and AMPylators. This seminar will focus on recent reports detailing the synthesis and in vitro evaluation of three new molecular probes that were developed in my laboratory.