UNF Biology Club 

Club Purpose & Goals 

Biology Club promotes an academically-based, friendly biological community at the University; especially by connecting undergraduate and graduate students with faculty and biological professionals.  We also provide extra-curricular recreational, social, and educational activities to all members. 


Our goal is to stimulate interest of all aspects of pure and applied biology at the University and in the public at large.


2014-2015 Officers

Chad Harris





Vice President









Event Coordinator



Media Relations

Kris Amatuli





The UNF Biology Club leads hands on science demonstrations at the Mali Vai Washington Kids Foundation.  The foundation was founded by Wimbledon champion and UNF alumni, Mali Vai Washington.  The foundation seeks to improve children’s lives in and out of the classroom in the historic Durkeeville neighborhood of downtown Jacksonville.  The UNF Biology Club covers the general biology topics such as microbiology and the importance of proper hand washing and hygiene.  The club also led children in viewing wet mount slides and prepared slides of specimens under the microscope.