New Arts & Sciences Faculty - 2013

  • David Forde in Criminology and Criminal Justice (who will be taking over as department chair)
  • Quincy Gibson in Biology (who studies dolphin)
  • Jennifer Lieberman in English (who brings to English an interdisciplinary interest in literature, mathematics, and science)
  • Sarah Provost in Music (who strengthens the program as it realizes its Flagship status and pursues a new Master of Music degree program)
  • Susie Weng in Sociology and Anthropology (who adds to the faculty who will offer our new Bachelors of Social Work program)

New Arts & Sciences Faculty - 2012


Bryan Knuckley

Assistant Professor

Degree Institution:  University of South Carolina

Discipline:  Biochemistry    

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Michele Covington 

Assistant Professor 

Degree Institution:  University of Central Florida 

Discipline:  Sociology/Crime Analysis Certification 

Area of Study: Policing, violence, females in the criminal justice system 

Research Interests: Policing, violence, females in the criminal justice system


James Broomall 

Assistant Professor

Degree Institution:  University of Florida

Discipline:  History

Area of Study: American History, Museum Studies                  

Mathematics & Statistics 

Malgorazta Czerwinska

Assistant Professor 

Degree Institution:  University of Memphis 

Discipline:  Mathematics              

Area of Study: Functional Analysis and Operator Theory 

Research Interests: Symmetric spaces of measurable operators E(M,τ) associated to the semifinite von Neumann algebra(M,τ) and corresponding to the symmetric function space E.  


Jose Franco 

Assistant Professor 

Degree Institution: Baylor University 

Discipline:  Mathematics 

Area of Study: Representation Theory of Lie Groups 

Research: Lie group analysis of differential equations and non-Abelian harmonic analysis.               


Todd DelGiudice 

Assistant Professor 

Degree:  MM 

Degree Institution:  University of Oregon 

Discipline:  Music Performance/Jazz Sax Flagship       

Area of Study: Jazz improvisation, jazz composition, orchestral performance, solo performance. 

Research Interests: jazz improvisation, woodwind pedagogy, jazz composition, jazz pedagogy. 


Stephen Gosden 

Assistant Professor 

Degree:  Ph.D. 

Degree Institution:  Yale University 

Discipline:  Music 

Area of Study: Music Theory 

Research: Russian music (my dissertation deals with issues of form and genre in Sergei Rachmaninoff's orchestral music); 19th-century harmony; phrase rhythm; approaches to musical meaning            


Bryan Bannon 

Assistant Professor

Degree Institution:  University of Memphis

Discipline:  Philosophy

Area of Study: Environmental Ethics

Research Interests: Human-Nature interactions, Metaphysics, Contemporary European Philosophy           


Daniel Santavicca 

Assistant Professor

Degree Institution:  Yale University

Discipline:  Engineering and Applied Science

Area of Study: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests: Nanoelectronics and nanophotonics


Jody Nicholson 

Assistant Professor 

Degree Institution:  University of Notre Dame 

Discipline:  Psychology 

Area of Study: Developmental Psychology 


Heather Truelove 

Assistant Professor 

Degree Institution:  Washington State University 

Area of Study: The social psychology of energy and environmental issues 

Research Interests: Agricultural adaptation among Sri Lankan farmers; Nuclear energy perceptions; predictors of pro-environmental behavior.  

Sociology & Anthropology 

Ross McDonough


Degree:  MSW

Degree Institution:  New York University

Discipline:  Social Work