Arts & Sciences News

The College of Arts and Sciences has approximately 300 faculty members, each of whom is actively engaged in offering dynamic educational experiences and is actively pursuing a rich scholarly and research agenda.  Please click on the menu items to the right to read about recent faculty accomplishments and awards. 


The fifteen departments of the College annually award students prizes for exceptional achievements.  To read about these awards, and to read some of what these award winners have said about the UNF experiences, please click on the menu item to the right entitled "Student News & Testimonials." 


When faculty members from the College retire, they are invited to offer "Lasting Lectures" -- talks given to all their colleagues in the College.  To read the texts of some of these talks, please click on the names below. 


Dr. Henry B. Thomas, Political Science and Public Administration, Spring 2011

Dr. J. Patrick Plumlee, Political Science and Public Administration, Spring 2012