Careers in Transportation & Logistics

The UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program offers a unique and rewarding undergraduate degree program. Students are prepared for challenging careers in supply chain management; international logistics, transportation, materials management, and physical distribution. Graduates have accepted positions with regional firms as well as with major corporations across the country.

Due to the rapid increase in international trade, firms require logistics based solutions to operate efficiently. This need has accelerated the demand for logistics professionals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to manage sophisticated logistics systems within the supply chain. 90% of graduates from the T&L program receive job offers in their field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics logistics is the second largest employment sector in the United States. It offers excellent salaries, opens doors, and provides advancement opportunities to the prospective manager in countries around the world. Logistics managers are in such demand that both U.S. News and World Report Career Guide, and Working Woman magazine have cited logistics as a hot career track. In 2011 US News cited that logistician makes the top 50 careers.

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