Coggin Short–Term Study Abroad Programs   

Faculty-led study abroad courses for 2015-2016 will be announced in August before the Fall 2015 semester begins.  


A short–term study abroad is an innovative alternative for students interested in international educational experiences but who find it difficult spend a full semester overseas. The Coggin College of Business currently offers two options for short–term study abroad experiences: Faculty–Led Courses and "Coggin in..." Summer Programs.


 Faculty–Led Study Abroad Courses 

Faculty-led courses typically include 7 to 10 days overseas and offer 3 credits to be used in UNF students' degree evaluations. Students study a specific business discipline with class meetings before and after travel, and keep a journal of their impressions during their time abroad.


"Coggin in..." Summer Programs  

"Coggin in..." summer programs are shorter versions of traditional semesters abroad. Students attend business lectures in English delivered by international professors from the host country in a classroom setting. These programs typically offer 7 business credits. Summer A & B programs can be paired for additional credit and a discounted price.



Interested in a Short-Term Study Abroad?

For more information, contact the Coggin Study Abroad office | (904) 620-2916.  To compare all programs, view our chart below:


 Tentative 2014/2015 chart  [pdf]


Video Testimonials

Watch  what UNF students are saying about their experiences on Coggin College short–term study abroad programs!


Program Closed Austria & the Czech Republic

Spring Break

Program Closed Peru

Spring Break

Program Closed Portugal

Spring Break

Program Closed Spain

May Break

"Coggin in"
Summer Programs
Program Closed Coggin in Argentina

Summer B

Program Closed Coggin in China

Summer A

Program Closed Coggin in Germany

Summer A

Program Closed Coggin in Paris

Summer A

Program Closed Coggin in the South of France

Summer B

Program ClosedClosed