Mentor Program 

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Mentee Qualifications

  • ST.A.R. Certified
  • 3.0 or higher overall GPA
  • Undergraduate or graduate student status with declared major in business
  • Be and remain in good standing as a Coggin College of Business student
  • Graduating spring 2018 or later
  • Must be an enrolled student for the duration of the Mentor Program
  • Candidates must submit a résumé and an application to be considered
  • Apply Here  Deadline to Apply is April 27,2018.


Goals & Objectives of the Program 

  • Give Coggin College students real-world access to business practices through meaningful and personalized interactions with business professionals.
  • Equip students with tools and insight to make informed and ethical career decisions.
  • Confirm or challenge the student’s chosen degree and career path.
  • Groom students into confident graduates with leadership, teamwork, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills through coaching and feedback.
  • Foster learning through the experience and expertise of Mentor and his/her colleagues and industry peers.

How does the Mentor Program work?

The Career Management Center accepts applications from Mentors and Mentees each summer. The program begins at the start of the fall semester in August and concludes at the end of the spring semester in April; the participants commit to a relationship which lasts over this entire 8 month period. Based on the applications, backgrounds and requests of the Mentors and Mentees, the Career Management Center will match the Mentees with their Mentors. A detailed schedule and events calendar will be provided to all participants.


Expectations of the Participants

  • Mentor and Mentee are to meet at least once a month.
  • Mentor and Mentee are to devote at least three hours each month to the program.
  • Contact may include: Email, phone contact, appointments, meetings, lunches, special events, shadowing mentor in their professional environment, etc.

Expectations of the Mentees 

  • Be Prepared: Understand your mentor’s background, industry and company. Ensure that goals are set, topics are identified, agendas are created, and questions are prepared for your meetings. Be prepared to talk about current news events and how they may be impacting business.
  • Take Responsibility for the Relationship:Take ownership to keep the mentor relationship moving forward. Be proactive to ensure that the relationship continues to grow and meets your identified goals. Keep your mentor informed about your academics and special events participation on campus. Realize that having a mentor is a privilege and work hard to leverage the opportunity.
  • Be Receptive to Feedback:Accept feedback and suggestions from the mentor. Follow through on requests made by your mentor.
  • Show Professionalism: Uphold a high standard of professionalism. Be on time, dress appropriately, and promptly return telephone calls and e-mails. Show appreciation and gratitude towards your mentor.
  • Maintain Respect: Uphold core relationship values including privacy, confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Respect differences while discovering common ground.
  • Commit to Entire Program: Commit to actively participate in the 8-month program. Keep scheduled appointments with the mentor or reschedule if necessary. Attend scheduled events or notify Career Management Center if unable to attend.


How to get Involved 

Student applications are available in the Career Management Center and on this website during program recruitment each spring semester. Candidate interviews are held in May, and final decisions are made by the middle of July.



For more information, contact the Career Management Center at or (904) 620-2067.