S.T.A.R. Program (Skills to Achieve Results) 

The STA R Program is a professional development program designed specifically for Coggin College of Business students.  The program’s focus is on helping students advance their careers through the development of employability and networking skills.


To become STAR Certified, students must complete all 5 STARS; this can be done over the course of multiple semesters.  Student interested in participating in the STAR Program should first create an account in Career Wings, UNF's online job opportunity and career events system.  Once an account is created, students can register for STAR Workshops and InterviewPRO and take advantage of all the career related opportunities in the system.


Students who have completed the STAR Program will receive (1) a certificate of completion (2) a STAR pin, which you should wear to recruiting events and (3) a Coggin gift.  They will also be invited to attend our STAR ceremony & networking event, which is held every semester for new STAR certified students.


Students who complete the STAR Program are eligible to apply for two unique programs:  

Program Events



Job Search Workshop 

Attend the Job Search Basic Training workshop where you will learn how to create or fine-tune a business resume, draft effective cover letters and plan your job search.



Interviewing Workshop 

Attend the Interviewing for Success Workshop which provides an overview of the interviewing process including preparation strategies, commonly asked questions and follow-up.



Resume Critique

Have your resume and cover letter (optional) reviewed by the Career Management Center and receive personalized feedback on how you can improve your resume.



Upload Resume

Upload your critiqued resume into Career Wings.  Credit will not be given until STAR 3 is completed.



InterviewPRO (Mock Interview)

Participate in InterviewPRO, a practice interview, with a representative from the Jacksonville business community who will provide you with feedback on your performance.


48 Hour Cancellation Policy


Registration Information

You do not need to do anything to "sign-up" for the STAR Program, simply begin completing the steps.  It is reccomended that you complete the steps in order as they build upon each other.


STAR 1 & 2

Complete STARs 1 & 2 by attending Bootcamp, an annual event held each fall, or one of the Combined STAR 1 & 2 Workshops offered multiple times during each semester.  You must register for these events in advance in the Career Wings system.  To register:

  • Log-in to Career Wings
  • Select the "Career Events" tab
  • Click on the event that you would like to attend
  • Select the "Register for Event" button at the top of the screen


Resume review appointments for STAR 3 credit are offered each week during fall, spring and summer semesters.  To schedule an appointment, call our office at (904) 620-2067.  Call early as these appointments fill-up fast.



After you have had your resume critiqued and approved by a member of our office, upload it into Career Wings to automatically receive credit for STAR 4.  You can upload a resume for use prior to completion of STAR 3 but you will not received STAR 4 credit for it. 



Your final STAR can be completed by participating in a one-on-one practice interview or, during the fall and spring semesters, by attending a designated STAR 5 interactive workshop.  Pre-registration in Career Wings is required for both of these options.  Available dates and times for the mock interviews can be found under the "Mock Interviews" tab and workshops can be found under the "Career Events" tab.