Wall Street Journal Partnership Program

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Letter from the Wall Street Journal to UNF students 


UNF's Coggin College of Business is proud to have joined the prestigious group of universities that have become Wall Street Journal partners. While many faculty use the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in their courses, this is not the primary reason for our engaging in this partnership. Rather, our initiative is in response to the advice of literally 100% of our business community advisors (i.e., your future employers!), who believe that students ought to begin their professional reading programs during their college careers, not afterwards. Moreover, they agree that a professional reading program begins with the nation’s number one financial daily. Having knowledge of happenings in real-world business will help students in job interviews and professional development, as well as in their classes.


Any student who is registered for any (even one) 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000 level Coggin College of Business course will be assessed a $8 fee each semester for access to the Wall Street Journal online editions, including the European and Asian editions. Note that a student subscription for the WSJ is normally $30/semester. Being a partner school offers you a significant discount on your professional reading. Moreover, as a partner school student, you will continue to have WSJ access during the summer.


Hard copies are located in paper racks on the first floor of the Coggin College of Business and are there for the taking. All assessed students also have access to the Wall Street Journal Employment edition and Barron's. An added benefit of the online editions is the ability to personalize your WSJ account to have quick access to the stories of most interest to you.


This program is not optional. Coggin College of Business believes very strongly in the student benefits that will accrue due to its partnership initiative with the WSJ. It is expected that the WSJ will be increasingly integrated into the majority of all Coggin College of Business classes.


Students who already have a personal subscription to the WSJ may call 1-800-JOURNAL to arrange for a refund for any time remaining on those subscriptions.


The $8 fee will be assessed at the same time as your normal tuition and fees, so that you pay it together with your other class fees.


The Wall Street Journal Online at WSJ.com is accessible directly from myWings. Simply click the Academics/Students tab and search for the "Quick Links” channel to seamlessly access WSJ.com’s powerful research tools, exclusive online content and time-saving personalization features. For first time users, the WSJ will ask you to create an account using your name, email and a password. Once that is done it shouldn't be needed again when accessing from mywings. This new feature enables students to access the WSJ more easily from their smartphone or tablet using WSJ apps instead of having to go through mywings. If you have any questions, please contact Dean's Office or 620-2590.