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Courses for Spring 2015

CGN 4931/CWR 5824: Coastal & Estuarine Hydrodynamics  

Instructor: Dr. Peter Bacopoulos
Linear wave theory is introduced at the beginning of the course. The remainder of the course stresses nearshore wave processes, the physics of longwave hydrodynamics, and estuarine processes. The course culminates with an application of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics.
Prerequisite: CWR 3201 and MAP 2302



MAN 6726: Advanced Strategic Management
Instructor: Dr. Steven Williamson
Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) is the Capstone course of the MBA program. This course requires the student to assimilate and integrate the knowledge acquired from the functional disciplines through application utilizing a strategic framework. Further, students utilize various models and theories of firm structure and performance to understand how to evaluate, allocate, and deploy the various resources that an enterprise controls in order to develop and achieve integrated strategic objectives.
Prerequisite: Students must be in their last semester of graduate work, have an overall graduate GPA of 3.0 or better on their degree evaluation courses and have attained permission to register from a graduate advisor.


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