Osprey Challenge Course

Welcome to the University of North Florida Osprey Challenge Course!

The Osprey Challenge Course is a unique experience to develop groups and an opportunity to reenergize every member in it. Our first step is to get to know your organization. There is no person or group that is the same, for that reason we develop a personalized program to better target your specific needs and expectations. Our course caters to student clubs, friend groups, teams, families, non-profits, corporations and other outside groups. 


Participants have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves, as well as become aware of the strengths and leadership skills they contribute to their specific group, by collaborating with other group members to find solutions to challenging activities. It is through this experiential learning process that participants become stronger leaders, problem solvers, clear communicators and ultimately a positive addition to the group.




The Osprey Challenge Course emphasizes transformation through character development, adventure, and challenges of mind, body and spirit to better understand the value and responsibility as an individual, group and community.




The OCC envisions promoting a safe environment for individual growth by stepping outside personal comfort zones which enables participants to realize, from their experience, how valuable their individual characteristics contribute to their organization and integrating their individual capabilities in effort to excel their group to new heights.


The UNF Osprey Challenge Course was constructed and funded by Student Government in 2011.