Academic Affairs List of Deans, Chairs and Directors 2013-14

UNF Directory

    Academic Colleges and Divisons

  • Brooks College of Health (904) 620-2810

    Dr. Pamela S. Chally: Dean

    Dr. Cathy Christie: Associate Dean

    Dr. Li Loriz: Director, School of Nursing

    Dr. Joel Beam, Chair, Dept of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences

    Dr. Judith Rodriguez: Chair, Dept of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Dr. Jeffrey Harrison: Chair, Dept of Public Health

  • Coggin College of Business (904) 620-2590

    Dr. Ajay Samant: Dean

    Dr. Bruce Kavan: Associate Dean

    Dr. David Jaeger: Chair, Dept. of Accounting & Finance

    Dr. Chris Johnson: Chair, Dept. of Economics and Geography

    Dr. Paul Fadil: Chair, Dept. of Management

    Dr. Ron Adams: Chair, Dept. of Marketing and Logistics

  • College of Arts & Sciences (904) 620-2560

    Dr. Barb Hetrick: Dean, Arts & Sciences

    Dr. David Fenner: Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences

    Dr. Sam Kimball, Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences

    Dr. Debra Murphy: Chair, Department of Art and Design

    Dr.Dan Moon: Chair, Department of Biology

    Dr. Radha Pyati: Chair, Dept. of Chemistry

    Dr. John Parmelee: Chair, Dept. of Communication

    Dr. David Forde: Chair, Dept. of Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Dr. Brian Striar: Chair, Dept. of English

    Dr. Charles Closmann: Chair, Dept. of History

    Dr. Scott H. Hochwald: Chair, Dept of Mathematics & Statistics

    Dr. Randy Tinnin: Chair, Dept. of Music

    Dr. Hans-Herbert Koegler: Chair, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies 

    Dr. James Garner: Chair, Dept. of Physics

    Dr. Matt Corrigan: Chair, Dept. of Political Science & Public Admin

    Dr. Michael Toglia: Chair, Dept. of Psychology

    Dr. Krista Paulsen: Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

    Dr. Patricia Geesey: Chair, Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

  • College of Computing, Engineering and Construction (904) 620-1350

    Dr. Mark Tumeo: Dean

    Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy: Associate Dean

    Dr. Asai Asaithambi: Director, School of Computing

    Dr. Maged Malek: Chair, Dept of Construction Management

    Dr. Murat Tiryakioglo: Director, School of Engineering

  • College of Education and Human Services (904) 620-2520

    Dr. Larry Daniel: Dean

    Dr. Marsha Lupi: Associate Dean

    Dr. John Venn: Chair, Dept. of Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL

    Dr. Jeffrey Cornett: Chair, Dept. of Foundations and Secondary Education

    Dr. Jennifer Kane: Chair, Department of Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management

    Dr. Karen Patterson: Chair, Dept. of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education

  • Continuing Education (904) 620-4200
    Mr. Bob Wood: Dean
  • The Graduate School (904) 620-1360
    Dr. John Kantner: Dean
  • Undergraduate Studies (904) 620-2261

    Dr. Jeffrey Coker: Dean

    Dr. Jeffrey Michelman: Associate Dean and Director of Honors

  • University Libraries (904) 620-2616

    Dr. Elizabeth Curry, Dean

    Ms. Dorene F. (Dee) Baldwin: Associate Dean

    Ms. Susan Massey: Cataloging Department Head

    Ms. Lisandra Carmichael: Public Services Director

    Mr. Robb Waltner: Access Services: Department Head

    Mr. Paul Mosley: Access Services Department Head

    Mr. Michael Kucsak: Library Systems and Technology Director

    Mr. Jeffrey Bowen: Technical Services Director  

  • Programs

  • Centers and Institutes

     Dr. Mark Falbo, Director, Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL)
    Dr. Cheryl Fountain: Executive Director, Florida Institute of Education (FIE)

    Dr. Cheresa Boston: Director, Contracts and Grants (ORSP)

    Dr. John Kantner, Associate Vice President for Research

    Ms. Deborah Miller: Director, Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT)

    Dr. David Lambert: Director, Environmental Center

    Dr. Dan Richard: Director, Faculty Enhancement Center

  • Office of Distance Education
    Dr. Len Roberson: Associate Vice President for Academic Technology and Innovation
  • Student Support Programs

    Ms. Karen Reedy: Director, Academic Center for Excellence

    TBA: Coordinator, Center for Academic Testing

  • Student Services

  • Enrollment Services

    Mr. Jim Owen: Director, Compliance, Technology and Training
    Mr. John Yancey: Interim Assistant VP for Enrollment Services

    Mr. Chad Learch: Director, Admissions

    Ms. Renee Goldstein: Director, One Stop

    Ms. Barb Soliah: Director, Enrollment Services Processing

    Ms. Megan Kuehner: Registrar  

  • Governance

  • Faculty Association

    Dr. Gordon Rakita: President  
  • United Faculty of Florida

    Dr. John White: President