Academic Affairs Faculty Development Grants Program- 2016

Academic Affairs announces this year's Faculty 2016 Development Grant opportunities in areas including Scholarship and Teaching


Scholarship:  Deadline October 23, 2015
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Faculty Development Grants (Scholarship) are provided by the Office of Academic Affairs to support research, scholarship, and creative activities. Academic Affairs regards it as important for the well being of the university that these grants be widely distributed across the university’s disciplines, and that their use benefits the reputation of the university as well as the individual scholar or artist. Academic Affairs is additionally interested in recognizing the value of faculty working with colleagues outside of their discipline or college. To encourage that collaborative desire, additional funding is available for interdisciplinary projects. 

The grant program will provide support in the amount of $7,500 per funded individual project, or $10,000 each for up to three faculty members working together on selected interdisciplinary projects. Funds can be used to pay a stipend to faculty member(s) or can be used for travel, materials, student assistance, or other expenses related to project activities (see budget form for restrictions). To provide grant recipients with the greatest flexibility to achieve their goals, funds may be used any time from July 1, 2016 through the 2016-2017 academic year. 


CHANGE in eligibility approved by the Faculty Association 4/7/15 - TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN 2016 (NEXT YEAR)


 The FAC recommended that the availability of the Summer Scholarship Grants should be limited for faculty members who already have received a previous award. The FAC recommends that Assistant Professors be allowed to receive a Summer Scholarship Grants once every 2 years, Associate Professors, once every 3 years, and Full Professors, once every 4 years. The timeframe restriction should be determined by the rank of the faculty member at the time of application. 


Teaching: Deadline October 16, 2015
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Faculty Development TEACHING Grants are provided by the Office of Academic Affairs to support faculty in developing improved or innovative instructional strategies and/or innovative use of course content for use in current or new courses.  These proposals may focus on technology-based innovations.  They may extend current University or college initiatives, such as the development of web-enhanced courses or the use of learning communities, or examine other methods of strengthening the University’s curricular offerings.    


The Office of Academic Affairs regards it as important for the University that these grants be widely distributed across the University’s disciplines. Preference will be given to proposals that will be implemented during the 2015--2016 academic year.  These grants are competitively awarded to the most meritorious proposals, providing a $7,500 stipend to selected faculty members for their use in the Summer A term.