Faculty Development Programs and Grants

John A. Delaney Presidential Professor

Application  CLOSED-will be available 2017


(John A. Delaney Presidential Professor application, 2017)

Purpose: To recognize and facilitate the scholarly productivity of distinguished faculty

Selection Criteria -- Faculty members eligible for such appointment:
1. must hold tenure at the rank of full Professor at the University of North Florida.  
2. must have a strong record of significant scholarly accomplishment in the form of publications, grants, collaborations, or any discipline-specific index of achievement.  
3. have never held a Presidential Professorship at the University of North Florida.

Faculty Development Grants Program 2016

Terry Presidential Professor applications - due February 1, 2013 - CLOSED

 Academic Affairs announces this year's 2016 Faculty Development Grant opportunities in areas including Scholarship (deadline 10/28/16) and Teaching (deadline 10/28/16)

Go to Faculty Grants program for more information. 



Faculty Sabbatical and Leave Program - 2017-18 Deadline extended to 10/28/16

Full-time tenured faculty members who will have completed at least six (6) years of continuous full-time service with the University by the end of the 2016-17 academic year are eligible to apply. 

For complete eligibility guidelines, please refer to the BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 24.  .   


 Sabbatical Procedures, for Fall 2017-18 award

Sabbatical Application, for Fall 2017-18 award



Faculty Scholarship Release Program

The Division of Academic Affairs provides faculty members with course releases to further the faculty members´ research, scholarship, and/or creative activity. These releases are intended to recognize future promise.

Scholarship Release Program for Tenured and Tenure-Earning Faculty - Policy



Professional Development Leave Program - 2017-18 Deadline extended to 10/28/16

Non-tenure earning faculty members are eligible to be considered as a candidate to receive a one-semester full-pay Professional Development Leave (PDL). 


Professional Development Leave Application   

 PDL Procedures  

 UNF Foundation Board Initiatives - 2016-17

Process and Timeline  


   UNF Foundation Board Faculty Grants 2016-17

 Process and Timeline



The University of North Florida Foundation will be able to award $75,000 to faculty and will select proposals for funding in fiscal year 2017.  This is a 50% increase from last fiscal year’s funding amount. 


At least one of the proposals selected for funding will support research work. The UNF Foundation Board welcomes proposals from all UNF teaching faculty (tenured or tenure-earning faculty or instructors). To initially request funding, a letter of interest must be submitted to the faculty member’s respective dean by November 3rd, 2016. Details and the complete timeline can be found below and are also listed on this webpage:







Successful proposals will describe research or special projects that will accomplish one or more of the following goals. 


An academic and/or research project that might lead to a significant advancement in its field, merit publication or production and enhance the quality of learning and the reputation of the University of North Florida.

A unique transformational learning opportunity that advances the 

      strategic priorities of the faculty member’s department.

The positive impact of the project on the communities of Northeast


The efficient use of funds and return on investment projected, and

       a high level of involvement of UNF students.



2016-2017 Timeline


September 22, 2016 Open House from 1 – 2 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom, Room #3703, section A - faculty invited to meet a group of Foundation Board Grants Committee members to discuss the proposal process.


November 3, 2016 – deadline for submission of one-page “letter of interest” to each Dean’s office.  The letter should contain the following elements:


Name of Project and Brief Statement of Need/Purpose

Brief Description of Proposed Activities

Brief Description of Measurement of Success

Partner Organizations (if applicable)

How Project Fits into Department and College Strategic Plan

Total Amount of Funding Request

Department Chair’s Signature


January 12, 2017 – the committee will invite selected faculty to submit full proposals and make presentations to the committee on March 28.


February 24, 2017 deadline for submission of full proposals to each Dean’s office. In addition, full proposals should be emailed to Kelly Gates, Dir. of Donor Engagement and Stewardship, at Kelly.gates@unf.edu.


March 28, 2017 – the Grants Committee will hear presentations by faculty finalists.  Visuals and power points may be utilized.  The full UNF Foundation Board will vote to approve the committee’s recommendations for Board Grant funding.


July-August, 2017 – funding will be dispersed into accounts and faculty will launch their projects during the new academic year.



Previous Foundation Grant Award recipients 2008-2016