Osprey Advantage Courses


Osprey Advantage courses are designed to assist first year students in making a successful transition to college and to prepare them to make the most of their college experience. These courses will introduce students to their intended major, while giving them the founda­tional tools necessary to be successful in that major. Students will have the unique advantage of being instructed by a team of faculty members, staff, and peer mentors who collectively bring a broad skill and knowledge base to the course. 


The following Osprey Advantage courses will be offered in Fall 2012:


GEB 1990 Osprey Advantage in Business 

This course is open for Business majors who are participating in the Coggin College of Business Living-Learning Community in the Opsrey Crossings.Students must confirm that they are living in the Crossings before registering for this course.


IDS 1999 Osprey Advantage in Health  

This course is open to students who have declared a major in the Brooks College of Health (Athletic Training, Health Administration, Health Science-Community Health, Health Science-Exercise Science, Nursing, or Nutrition and Dietetics) 


IDS 1999 Osprey Advantage in Political Science 

This course is open for students who are majoring in Political Science or have an interest in pre-law, campaign politics, international relations, or public administration.