Philosophy General Education Courses


Philosophy is a General Education requirement that all freshmen must take. In order to meet the particular needs of freshmen students, the Philopsohy courses have been designed around the Reflective Judgment Model, which is a model of critical thinking that encourages one to consider multiple perspectives and draw conclusions to complex problems.


To fulfill this requirement, students can choose from the following courses

PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy 

An introduction to the rudiments of philosophical thinking, which is designed to clarify the differences between philosophy and other human activities such as science and religion. The course will introduce students to a range of philosophical problems and methods.

PHI 2100 Reasoning and Critical Thinking 

Principles of sound reasoning, language analysis and definition, the logic of classes and propositions and discussions of philosophical issues.

PHI 2630 Contemporary Ethical Issues 

An attempt to provide the student with a theoretical framework to approach the great moral issues of our time.