• School Leadership

    This concentration is a state-approved program that carries the endorsement for educational leadership needed by teachers who wish to move into administration in the public school system. The program consists of 39 semester hours of core major and elective requirements. One year of teaching experience and a valid teaching certificate are required. Please direct any questions to Dr. Anne Swanson.


    Admission Requirements

    University requirements:


    A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study.


    Additional program requirements: (School Leadership concentration only

    1. Official transcripts from all attended institutions 
    2. Written statement identifying: 
                • professional and career goals 
                • aspiration 
    3. Current resume 
    4. Three letters of recommendation (using UNF's online reference system) 
    one from a school administrator 
    5. Copy of teaching certificate or statement of eligibility: At least one (1) year of successful full-time teaching experience in a public or private school, three (3) years preferred. 

    Applicants not meeting the 3.0 minimum requirement may contact the Educational Leadership Program Director for additional admission criteria options. For additional tools to determine GPA, please visit Calculating Your GPA. 



    EDG 6991 Action Research


    EDF 6480 Foundations of Research

    EDA 6061 Intro to Educational Leadership


    EDF 6607 Education in America

    EDA 6196 Leadership and Learning Organizations


    EDA 6271 Technology and Educational Leadership

    EDA 6215 Development of School and Community Resources

    EDG 6625 Curriculum Leadership




    EDS 6130 Human Resource Management

    EDA 6242 School Finance


    EDS 6050 Instructional Leadership

    EDA 6232 EDA 6232 Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership


    EDG 6287 School Assessment and Accountability

    EDA 6945Practicum in Educational Leadership


    *It is important that you follow this schedule. The courses that are listed for each semester will only be offered during that semester with the exception of EDG 6991 Action Research, EDF 6480 Foundations of Research, and EDF 6607 Education in America.

    *A passing score on the FELE exam is required to graduate.


  • Major: Educational Leadership

    Concentration: School Leadership
    Degree: Master of Education
    Core Requirements (6 credits)
    EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)
    • EDF 6480 Foundations in Education Research
    • EDG 6911 Action Research in Education
    Major Requirements (33 credits)
    EDA6061 Introduction to Ed Leadership (3 Credits)
    EDA6196 Leadership/Learning Organizat (3 Credits)
    EDA6215 Developing School/Comm Resourc (3 Credits)
    EDA6232 Law and Ethics in Edu Lead (3 Credits)
    EDA6242 School Finance (3 Credits)
    EDA6271 Technology and Ed Leadership (3 Credits)
    EDA6945 Practicum in Educatl Leadrshp (1-9 Credits)
    EDG6287 Princpls of School Acblty & As (1-3 Credits)
    EDG6625 Curriculum Leadership Schools (3 Credits)
    EDS6050 Instructional Leadership (3 Credits)
    EDS6130 Human Resource Deve in Educati (3 Credits)