• Early Childhood Education Program


    The UNF Early Childhood Education Program includes a path that leads to state certification in prek-primary/age 3 to grade 3, as well as a minor in early childhood and a graduate certificate in Early Childhood. The program is designed to provide intentional learning experiences to enhance student knowledge of young children, increase engagement and advocacy in the early childhood community, and provide opportunities for personal growth. Students are afforded the opportunity to work with children within the public schools as well as a variety of community-based settings.

    Helping ChildrenThe Early Childhood coursework meets state certification requirements and follow guidelines provided by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); the International Reading Association (IRA); and the Division of Early Childhood (DEC). The courses provide in-depth, research-based knowledge on key areas for early childhood professionals working with children from birth though age 8.
    In addition to a traditional prek-primary licensure program, we offer a minor in early childhood education and a graduate certificate in Early Childhood. For more information, please contact Dr. Katrina Hall at khall@unf.edu.



  • Major: PreKdg/Primary Education
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education
  • Minor: Early Childhood Education
    Minor: Early Childhood Education (18 credits)
    • Conditions to the minor: No more than 6 credit hours are allowed to be transferred in from another institution. These transfer courses must be preapproved. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for the minor. Some minor courses require an override from the College of Education and Human Services prior to registration.
    CHOOSE One of the following:
    • EEC 4244 Int Soc Studies, Art and Music Across Curr
    • OR
    • EEC 4210 Math, Science & Social Studies
    REQUIRED These are required courses:
    • EEC 3266 Program Planning:Infants & Toddlers
    • EEC 3408 Family School Partnerships
    • EEC 4260 Deve. App. Pract. Pre-Kinderg Prm Teacher
    • LAE 3210 Foundations of Literacy