• Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Education Program

    Admissions Process Begins in January 2016


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    The new B.A.E Deaf Education program is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. Below is information regarding the new program. Please continue to check our website to read periodic updates or feel free to email the Program Director, Dr. Caroline Guardino for more information: caroline.guardino@unf.edu Thank you!


    The mission of the Deaf Education program is to develop highly effective teachers who are equipped to work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a variety of educational settings and have mastered the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) and Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) teaching standards.


    The B.A.E. in Deaf Education is a “comprehensive” program accredited by the Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED). Pre-service teachers must be prepared for the diverse nature of students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). Our philosophy is to respect and address diversity within the field by ensuring that all graduates are well-prepared and equipped for the challenges of educating all students with hearing loss. Pre-service teachers in the program will learn a comprehensive and balanced perspective of students’ varying communication modes (sign and/or listening and spoken language), language and academic proficiency levels, use of assistive hearing devices (hearing aids or cochlear implants), family dynamics, and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Because these characteristics directly impact a child’s learning experiences, educational services, emotional development, and social interactions, it is of utmost importance that graduates of our program are experienced and adept in all of these aforementioned areas. 


    Admission to the Program


    Applicants seeking admission to the College of Education and Human Services must have the following to be eligible:

    1) Satisfactory completion of 60 semester hours of credit from UNF or other regionally accredited institution(s). An Associate in Arts Degree (AA) from one of Florida's 28 Community/State Colleges or 10 SUS schools satisfies General Education and Gordon Rule requirements.  


    2) A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 in all college level course work taken at UNF and all previously attended institutions.  


    3) Passing scores (no exceptions) on all four parts of the General Knowledge Exam, one component of the Florida Teacher Certification Exams. 


    4) Three COEHS prerequisite courses, which are: EDF1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession, EDF 2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators, and EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators

    Students not meeting the minimum admissions requirements for the College of Education and Human Services may apply for admission under the College's Exceptions Policy.

    For specific admission requirements please view the following link: http://www.unf.edu/catalog/admissions/undergrad/Undergraduate_and_Post-baccalaureate/



    This is an Initial Certification Program in Hearing Impairment (FLDOE) with:
    ESOL Endorsement
    Optional Reading Endorsement