Deaf Education Block Schedule

This block schedule is not to be used in lieu of your Program of Study but to assist in appropriate sequencing of course work and for planning each term. This tentative schedule is subject to change. The schedule assumes:

  • You have satisfied all prerequisites, foreign language, and General Education requirements.
  • You are a full-time student, can take day and evening classes, and do not break continuity.

Schedule in PDF




Important Information:

  • Deaf Education Practicum courses require at least 5 daytime hours per week at an assigned school site.
  • Successful completion of Deaf Education Practicums I & II are prerequisite to internship.
  • Applications for internship are due by the 4th week of the term before you expect to intern. Late applications are not accepted.
  • Passing ALL FTCE (General Knowledge, Professional Education, and Subject Area Exam) is required prior to enrolling in practicu
  • General Education course work must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
  • The student must apply to graduate in the term they plan to graduate.
  • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.5 or better for each semester they are enrolled in a teacher education program.
  • A minimum of 120 semester hours (48 hours at the upper 3000/4000 level) is required for the bachelor's degree. Students must complete at least 25 percent of the required degree credit hours in residence at UNF.
  • Prior to registering for courses at another institution, permission must be obtained from the program director. 
  • Students must complete a level 2 background check (including fingerprints) prior to the assignment of any student to a field/clinical experience. This process is done and verified by the school district in which the field/clinical experiences will be completed. Students not cleared by the school district will not be permitted entrance to schools.