Deaf Studies (ESE to K-12)
Block Schedule

This block schedule is not to be used in lieu of your Program of Study but to assist in appropriate sequencing of course work and for planning each term. This tentative schedule is subject to change. The schedule assumes:

  • You have satisfied all prerequisites, foreign language, and General Education requirements.
  • You are a full-time student, can take day and evening classes, and do not break continuity.

NOTE: Certification in Deaf Education comes only after successful completion of the M.Ed. Program. The B.A.E. in Deaf Studies is a preparatory degree for the Deaf Education M.Ed. Program and by itself does not lead to any teaching certification.


Junior Year
Fall Term (15 hours)
EDF 3151 Nature of the Learner
EEX 3202 Psychology & Sociology of the Exceptional Learner
EHD 4311 Psychology & Education of the Deaf *
EEX 4101 Language Development & Disorders
ASL 2140  American Sign Language I
Spring Term (16 hours)
EHD 4245 Language Development Deaf/Hard of Hearing*
EEX 4604 Management of Exceptional Students
ASL 2150 American Sign Language II
EEX 3252 Language Arts for Exceptional Learners
EEX 4255 Curriculum & Instruction for Learners w/Exceptionalities
Summer Term (6 hours)
EEX 4619 Classroom Management of Learners w/Exceptionalities
EEX 4281 Social, Personal & Career Skills for Learners w/Exceptionalities
Senior Year
Fall Term (13 hours)
EEX 4221 Assessment for Learners w/Exceptionalities*
ASL 4131 American Sign Language III
EDF 3945 Field Laboratory I
EEX 3250 Reading Methods for Learners w/Exceptionalities
TSL 3550 Principles & Issues in TESOL
Spring Term (14 hour)
EHD 4261 Audiology & Speech Science*
ASL 4211 American Sign Language IV
EDF 4327 Assessment of Learning & Behavior

EHD 4940

Deaf Ed Field Practicum
EEX 3251 Developmental Skills of Math for Spec Ed Problem


 * These courses are usually taught once a year. If you cannot take a full-time load, take these Special Education courses first, so you stay in sequence.



  1. Deaf Education Field practicum and Field Lab I require at least 5 daytime hours per week at an assigned school site.
  2. Successful completion of Deaf Education Field practicum and Field Lab I are prerequisite to internship.
  3. Applications for internship are due by the 4th week of the term before you expect to intern. Late applications are not accepted.
  4. Passing ALL FTCE (General Knowledge, Professional Education, and Subject Area Exam) is required prior to graduation from the Master's program.