Physical Education (K-12)
Block Schedule

This block schedule is not to be used in lieu of your Program of Study but to assist in appropriate sequencing of course work and for planning each term. This schedule is intended to be a suggested sequence for the program; however, completion of the program is subject to course availability. This tentative schedule is subject to change. The schedule assumes that:

  • You begin courses in the Fall Term (August - December)
  • You have satisfied all program prerequisites, foreign language, and General Education requirements
  • You have passing scores on all four parts of the General Knowledge (GK) exam.
  • You are a full-time student, can take day and evening classes, and will have continuous enrollment.


Junior Year
Fall Term (14-17 hours)
EDG 3323 The Learning Process
EDF 3945 Field Laboratory I
PET 3641

Curriculum and Methods in K-12 and Adapted Physical Education

(Recommended first physical education course)

PET 3434 Teaching Movement Skills to Children

PET 2351C


PET 3351C

Introduction to Physiology of Exercise


Physiology of Exercise
Spring Term (12 hours)

RED 3310


RED 3333

Reading Methods I for Elementary Teachers


Reading Methods for Secondary Teachers
PET 3311 Kinesiology and Motor Behavior
PET 3820 Teaching Sport Skills to Adolescents
PEO 3106 Fitness Education for Children & Adolescents
Summer Term (7-8 hours)
PEO 4004 Theory & Practice in Coaching

Health Elective

Select 2 of the following:

HSC 2100 Personal Health Issues & Problems
HSC 3351 Diseases: Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment

HSC 4133 Sexuality Education

HSC 4134 Mental & Emotional Health Education

HSC 4150 Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention

HUN 2201 Basic Principles of Nutrition

PEP 4135 Prin. of Strength & Conditioning

PET 3380 Physical Activity & Health

PET 4450 Physical. Fitness Assessment. & Exercise Prescription

PET 2622 Care & Prevention of Sport Injuries (if not taken as lower division prerequisite)


Physical Education Elective

Take any 1-2 cr. Skill or Fitness Activity or Health Course


Senior Year
Fall Term (15 hours)
EDG 4410 Classroom Management and Communication
EDF 3946 Field Laboratory II
PET 4401 Administration of Physical Education and Sport
EDG 4327 Assessment of Learning Behavior
TSL 4324 TESOL Content Teaching
Spring Term (12 hour)
PET 4945L Student Teaching




  1. Academic physical education course are only offered in the semester they are listed  (except PET 3311 and PET 4401, which are offered every semester). Teacher education courses (EDG 3323, EDG 4410, EDF 4327 and reading courses) are typically offered every semester. Field I/II and Student Teaching are not offered in the summer.
  2. Field Labs I and II require at least 5 daytime hours per week at an assigned school site.
  3. A transfer student with 60 semester hours but without an AA degree from a Florida public institution should complete any missing General Education requirements as noted on the Transfer Evaluation. Course work to satisfy missing General Education may be found in the university catalog.