Physics Education (6-12)
Block Schedule

This block schedule is not to be used in lieu of your Program of Study (below) but to assist in appropriate sequencing of course work and for planning each term. This schedule is intended to be a suggested sequence for the program; however, completion of the program is subject to course availability. This tentative schedule is subject to change. The schedule assumes that:

  • You begin courses in the Fall Term (August - December)
  • You have satisfied all program prerequisites, foreign language, and General Education requirements
  • You have passing scores on all four parts of the CLAST exam or General Knowledge (GK) exam.
  • You are a full-time student, can take day and evening classes, and will have continuous enrollment.


Junior Year
Fall Term (12-13 hours)
EDG 3323 The Learning Process
EDF 3945 Field Laboratory I
PHY 3101 Modern Physics
PHY 3101L Modern Physics Laboratory
PHY 3XXX Any PHY 3000 level elective
Spring Term (14 hours)
EDF 3151 Nature of the Learner
PHY 3722 Electronics for Scientists
PHY 3722L Electronics for Scientists Laboratory
AST 2002 Basic Astronomy
AST2002L Basic Astronomy Laboratory
PHY 3XXX Any PHY 3000 level elective
Summer Term (9 hours)
EDG 4327 Assessment of Learning Behavior
EDG 4410 Classroom Management and Communication
Senior Year
Fall Term (15 hours)
SSE 4330 Special Methods: Secondary Science
EDF 3946 Field Laboratory II
BSC 2023C Human Biology
PHY 3XXX Any PHY 3000 level elective
PHY 3XXX Any PHY 3000 level elective
Spring Term (12 hour)
ESE 4943 Student Internship



  1. Field Labs I and II require at least 5 daytime hours per week at an assigned school site.
  2. A transfer student with 60 semester hours but without an AA degree from a Florida public institution should complete any missing General Education requirements as noted on the Transfer Evaluation. Course work to satisfy missing General Education may be found in the university catalog