Office of Educational Field Experiences

The College of Education and Human Services is committed to providing teacher education students with a wide variety of field-based, clinical experiences. Because of this commitment, all students will participate in at least one urban field experience in the Duval County Public Schools. Field experience is required as part of the College's core for all undergraduate students or certification students seeking to complete an internship experience. These field experiences are organized into two 2 semester-hour courses, Field I and Field II.

Field I and Field II

Field I must be taken concurrently with EDG 3323 - The Learning Process, and Field II must be taken concurrently with a methods course in the student's area of certification. Both must be successfully completed prior to internship. Students should meet with their advisor to plan the semester in which to enroll in each phase. It is the responsibility of students enrolling in these courses to apply for field experience placement during the first week of classes, in addition to the completion of formal course enrollment. Students will be assigned to a school site by the Director of Field Experiences. Placement assignments are final and may not be changed.


Placing an intern requires advanced planning by the College of Education and Human Services and the public schools. For this reason, it is the student's responsibility to see that application for internship is filed by the fourth Friday of the semester prior to the semester of enrollment for internship. Placement assignments are final and may not be changed. Because of the heavy responsibilities and commitment involved in internship, a student normally is not allowed to enroll in any additional courses during the internship period. Any exceptions to this rule must be initiated at the time of application through the Director of Field Experiences and approved by the appropriate division chair and the dean.