Fingerprinting Requirements

THE LAW: Under provisions of the Jessica Lunsford Act passed during the 2005 Legislative Session, school districts are required to conduct background screenings on instructional and non-instructional personnel and contractors who have direct contact with students or have access to school grounds when children are present. Section 1012.465, Florida Statutes.


State rules mandate that students participating in field and clinical experiences in school districts must be fingerprinted. These field experiences include UNF students enrolled in EDF1005, EDF2085 (Duval field placements only), EDF3945, EDF3946, TSL4324, TSL4340, TSL4360 (TSL courses Clay or Duval field placements only), Internship, all courses held at school sites or that require students to work with children in a school setting.


The school districts in conjunction with the university have developed procedures for fingerprinting university students which must be followed.

General Information

All fingerprinting must be completed by the stated deadline for students to participate in any field classes that require fingerprinting. Students not fingerprinted will not receive school placements and subsequently will not be able to complete course requirements. This will adversely affect your grade for the course.


Fingerprints cannot be transferred from one district to another.


Persons presently employed by the district in which the clinical experience will be conducted or those that have been fingerprinted through another institution i.e. FSCJ or substitutes should complete the "Clearance Request" form and return it to the instructor. You will need to provide your name, Social Security number and the position you hold with the district. This information will be forwarded to the district for clearance approval. 

Students should bring valid photo identification and a current UNF ID to the fingerprinting appointment.


District Procedures

Students should follow the procedures for the school district in which they will be conducting their field experience.

Duval County Public School (DCPS) District

Revised 1/2013


Any student fingerprinted prior to August 15, 2008 for Duval County must be fingerprinted again due to Duval County’s fingerprinting policies.


  • Only students with an appointment will be fingerprinted.
  • To make a fingerprinting appointment, students will need to contact the Office of Educational Field Experiences, building 57, suite 1300.  The office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00 pm. You may contact them in person, email or by calling 904.620.3934. Step-by-Step instructions are available in the Educational Field Experience office.
  • Fingerprinting for DCPS can only be done at the Duval School Board office (first floor) located at 1701 Prudential Drive. No other location.
  • Fingerprint clearances are good for 5 years.
  • The cost for fingerprinting is $78.50


DCPS Directions for Registering and Payment:

  • You must register online. You can pay by credit card or money order. Money Orders should be made out to 3M COGENT and you must bring the money order with you at the time of fingerprinting.  YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE YOU COME IN FOR YOUR FINGERPRINTING APPOINTMENT.
  • Launch website:   (Help with website call 1.866.500.2347)
  • Choose Florida
  • Choose Florida Department of Education
  • Choose Register Online
  • Enter DUVAL for county and continue.
  • When choosing the correct “CRI Literal” select: FL931022Z – Duval County Schools/Contractors & Vendors.
  • Make sure all your information is entered, including payment information. SSN is required.
  • Print out your receipt and bring with you to your fingerprinting appointment along with a photo ID and/or UNF ID.


 St John’s County School District

Revised 4/24/13



1. Log onto the website to schedule their appointment. The applicant will create

     a secure username/password to enter the system.


2. In the Reason why you need to be fingerprinted screen; the applicant will select

    I know my Fieldprint Code and enter the code in the space provided.


3. Please choose  the following Fieldprint Code below:


For College Intern/Practicum Fieldprint Code is:




 Please note the access code IS case sensitive. 


4. Students will provide their contact and demographic info. The information requested on the scheduling site

     is the information required by FDLE/FBI in order to process the criminal search.


5. From this point forward the website will prompt the representative for the required information to find a

     local collection facility and schedule an appointment. Instructions, directions, maps, and photos will all be provided directly online.


Charge for fingerprints is $57.25

Fingerprints expire after 1.5 to 2 years depending when you are fingerprinted. St. Johns County expiration dates are based on the academic calendar year.

Clay County School District

 Revised 2/2011


Contact Terry Stanilonis at (904) 529-4849 or Andriea Jones at (904) 529-4912 for assistance. Fingerprint clearances are not automatic. The process usually takes between 10-14 days. You need to note your course timeline and plan accordingly.

  • Access
  • Read and follow the directions as they are presented. You will fingerprint as a new VENDOR. Use your own e-mail address as this is how you will receive all correspondence.
  • The fingerprinting fee is $97.25 which covers the actual printing process, background screening, and issuance of your photo ID badge. If you choose to pay with a debit or credit card the process will begin immediately. Paying by money order or personal check will delay your clearance for up to two (2) weeks. Payment arrangements are made online as you register for your prints. Payment is NOT made at the fingerprinting location.
  • As you register, you will be asked for a vendor number. Use vendor number 0900009492. This vendor number is unique for Intern Teacher/ Field Study applicants. Failure to use this number will not only delay your clearance but will place you in the position to reprint and submit a second payment.
  • When you complete the registration process, print your barcode receipt. Present this receipt and the ID you used when you registered to personnel at the printing location/site. You have completed the process once your prints and photo have been taken. An email will be sent at a later date to confirm when/where to pick up your photo ID badge.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION! All students are required to present their photo ID badge in order to participate in the Intern/Field Study assignments. You must present your badge to school personnel as you sign in at the school site.