Angela Lee


Angela Lee

Training Coordinator

Administration and Finance


1. What do you do at UNF? 

I am the Training Coordinator for the Division of Administration & Finance. I instruct new and established staff, faculty, and students on various University Finance System courses.

As well as any needed A&F divisional training needs or the creation of training programs.


2. Tell us something that would surprise people to know about you? 

For over 12 years I’ve competed in a style of music known as Barbershop with the Jacksonville Harmony Chorus. In 2013, we placed 2nd in a world competition in Hawaii. This year we’ll contend to win in November in Las Vegas.


3. What are some of your accomplishments or community involvement? 

Even though I have accomplishments that I can list, I feel best participating in many community events. I currently give some time to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation of Jacksonville. But, I humbly involve myself every month with helping my community whether it is through my church, my chorus, my chosen club, or just getting up and seeking out a need.


4. What person had the greatest impact on your life? 

My Mother, Erma Lee Dix Lee. I attended Bethune-Cookman College because it was her school. I train with zeal because she was a teacher with passion for over 28 years. She once told me, “Live like you like Life!” So I live my life every day with hope that ‘Today will be better than Yesterday’.


5. What is your favorite thing about working at UNF? 

Being part of the University Life Cycle and seeing how students and staff matriculate, progress, and then advance beyond the halls of UNF. It is an excitement and a joy observing the “seasons” that happen every year on our university campus. After every completion it is a thrill to witness a new commencement.


6. What are you most passionate about? 

Finding and sharing joy and happiness in this life with my faith, family, friends, work, and this world. I pray every day for this.


7. How do you feel AAFSA benefited you and why did you join AAFSA? 

The greatest benefit I observed is the opportunity for connection within a cross-section of UNF employees who share my ethnicity or appreciation of the same history and contributions to society.






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