Vivian Senior


Vivian Senior

Associate Director of Career Services

Adjunct Instructor, College of Education and Human Services 



1. What do you do at UNF?

I am the Associate Director of Career Services.  Our office provides comprehensive programs and services targeted to help student choose majors, explore career options, gain work experience and secure employment at graduation.   I am also an Adjunct Instructor for the College of Education and Human Services.


2. Tell us something that would surprise people to know about you?

I am extremely nervous when engaging in public speaking roles!  At an earlier age, I actually predicted that I would never engage in such activities! However, I’ve come to appreciate the nerves as a natural process and try to channel that energy to ensure effective outcomes.


3. What are some of your accomplishments or community involvement?

This might actually be an answer to a previous question, but I am not good at bragging on myself.  Somewhat ironic, considering that a part of my job is to help people learn how to accumulate and promote individual accomplishments.  I think I will stick to my natural inclination and will reply in a different way.  I am blessed and fortunate to have gained a diverse array of skills, experiences and accolades that positioned me in such a way that I am effective in assisting and mentoring others, personally and professionally.


4. What person had the greatest impact on your life?

My mother.  She loves and gives through words and deeds.  She belied the odds.  As a single parent, she effectively raised two kids who are not “statistics”.  She is a model for how to do it right.  She is also beautiful, graceful and classy…and people think she is my sister!  Yes, I hope and pray I emulate ALL of that.


5. What is your favorite thing about working at UNF?

I enjoy interacting with people.  UNF provides many unique and meaningful ways to engage, assist and learn from a diverse array of students, staff and faculty with different viewpoints and perspectives.  What’s better than that?


6. What are you most passionate about?

Raising a renaissance man, my 13 year old son, Clayton R. Senior, III.  He is a vibrant, intelligent, athletic and gifted kid who sees the world as full of possibilities, and he is eager to experience them all.  I’m blessed that he is a constant reminder of things I’m doing right. Remember, I had a good role model…see my reply above.


7. How do you feel AAFSA benefited you and why did you join AAFSA?

AAFSA provides a great opportunity to connect and interact with various professionals in ways that promote growth and personal and professional development.






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