Be a FYE Mentor

We have selected our staff for the summer of 2016. Information for those interested in joining the team in 2017 will be available beginning fall 2016.


The FYE Mentor team is first and foremost comprised of friends, students, and ambassadors of the University of North Florida. We mentor new undergraduate students through their transition to becoming academically and socially engaged Ospreys. It is our goal to approach UNF's mission with professionalism and a commitment to excellence while having fun.


Position Description

The position requires hard work, school spirit, teamwork, a great attitude, and charisma! As a mentor you will be responsible for helping new ospreys and their families transition to UNF. Apart from all the fun, a summer wage and other perks, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership and mentoring skills, foster productive campus connections, and hone your professional persona.  If you represent a part of an existing campus entity already then your exemplary ambassadorship as a FYE Mentor will act as a great recruitment tool.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Work in teams and as individuals to facilitate new student programming
  • Acquaint new students and their families with academic support services, educational opportunities, policies, procedures and campus resources
  • Lead engaging activities to help new students become better acquainted with one another and the academic institution
  • Participate in the preparation of each ceremony: set up facilities, check in students, escort students to sessions, answer questions, etc. 
  • Some office duties may be required, such as answering phones, preparing outgoing mail, etc. 

Other responsibilities include making orientation bags, helping with new student registration, and assisting with special projects.


Additionally, mentors must be prepared to speak in front of large groups, facilitate small group discussions, and be prepared for early morning events. There is some heavy lifting and a great deal of walking around. A mentor is energetic (no matter the day or time) and is not shy about initiating conversations with complete strangers.


How to Become a Member

We are not currently accepting applications for mentors.  


If you are interested in joining the team in 2017 we do require the information below:

  • Have a 2.5 cumulative UNF GPA 
  • Have a 3.0 High School GPA (freshmen)
  • Serve as a resource on campus to new students and guests
  • Be willing to give precedence to this position over any other job or obligation
  • Exhibit genuine enthusiasm to represent UNF as a whole
  • Be willing to not enroll in any classes that conflict with Orientation events