NSSE Archived Results

The National Survey of Student Egagement (NSSE) collects data about college freshman and senior academic and co-curricular experiences.  UNF uses NSSE results to improve the student experience at UNF.




 2014 NSSE Results

Pocket Guide Report     Snapshot
Engagement Indicators High-Impact Practices
Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons Selected Comparison Groups
Administration Summary NSSE 2014 Survey Instrument

Major Field Reports

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Major Field Report:
   Within UNF
Major Field Report: BCH
    Health Sciences
Major Field Report: CCB
Major Field Report: CCEC
    Computing & Engineering
Major Field Report: COAS
    Arts & Humanities
    Physical & Bio Sciences
    Social & Behavior Sciences
Major Field Report: COEHS

2012 NSSE Results

The UNF Student Experience in Brief 

Benchmark: Level of Academic Challenge 
Benchmark: Active and Collaborative Learning  Benchmark: Student-Faculty Interaction 
Benchmark: Enriching Educational Experiences  Benchmark: Supportive Campus Environment 
Multi-Year Benchmark: First-Year  Multi-Year Benchmark: Senior 
NSSE 2012 Survey Instrument   Engagement Item Frequency Report 

Engagement Items Mean Report 


 2011 BCSSE Results

Engagement Item Frequency Report Engagement Items Mean Report



2009 NSSE Results

The UNF Student Experience in Brief

Benchmark: Level of Academic Challenge
Benchmark: Active and Collaborative Learning Benchmark: Student-Faculty Interaction
Benchmark: Enriching Educational Experiences Benchmark: Supportive Campus Environment
Multi-Year Benchmark: First-Year Multi-Year Benchmark: Senior
NSSE 2009 Survey Instrument  Engagement Item Frequency Report

Engagement Items Mean Report