National Survey of Student Engagement 2009

The National Survey of Student Engagement provides comparative data on how engaged our students are in programs and activities that are known to promote learning. The results provide powerful information on how to improve the educational experience for all students. UNF first year and senior students completed the NSSE survey in 2006 and 2009, and UNF plans to continue participating on a three-year cycle.Pocket Guide to Choosing the right college 


UNF invited 1688 first year and 2103 senior students to complete NSSE online in spring 2009. The response rate was 19% for first year students and 28% for seniors, and respondent characteristics mirrored each class' demographics fairly well, except that males were under-responded. NSSE provides us with comparisons of our students' responses with those of three other groups:

  • Urban universities enrolled in the NSSE Urban University consortium.
  • Peer aspirants: Ten institutions were identified through UNF's strategic planning process as peer aspirants for benchmarking purposes. Of those, eight participated in NSSE 2009, and they provided our second comparison group:

                Miami University (OH)
                Montclair State (NJ)
                Portland State (OR)
                The College of New Jersey (NJ)
                Towson University (MD)
                University of Maryland, Baltimore County (MD)
                University of North Carolina, Charlotte (NC)
                University of North Carolina, Wilmington (NC)

  • Carnegie peers: Basic 2005 Carnegie Classification 18 (Master’s Colleges and Universities (larger programs). For a list of these institutions, click here. 

UNF uses NSSE results to inform discussions about teaching strategies, curriculum, academic advising, and student success. Seniors' NSSE responses are shared with departments and provide departments with assessment data for their Academic Learning Compacts. In addition, UNF's NSSE results are summarized on its College Portrait.