Grade Forgiveness and Repeated Courses

Undergraduate, degree-seeking students attempting their first baccalaureate degree may improve their grade point average by repeating a course and requesting that the repeated course and its corresponding grade be the one counted in all the student's applicable Grade Point Averages calculations, as described in the Academic Average (Grade Point Average) Policy.


  • Only two such requests are available to any student during his or her undergraduate UNF career.
  • Grade forgiveness may not be used if term forgiveness has been implemented.
  • The repeated course must be the same course as taken previously and must be completed at the University of North Florida.  If the course is no longer offered at the University of North Florida, or its number has been changed keeping the same content, the Dean or an appropriate designee of the college that houses the course is required to approve the substitution of   another course. Using grade forgiveness for a course in this instance will require submitting a paper form with the required signature from the college. Paper forms should be available in myWings, as a printable paper option, if the online form is not able to be used. As a final resort, these forms can be printed in and submitted to One-Stop. 
  • Only the first recorded grade for a course will be forgiven.  The most recent grade will be calculated in the GPA.
  • Grade forgiveness requests will not be processed after graduation certification. In this case, a student would need to submit a completed paper Grade Forgiveness form. Paper forms should be available in myWings, as a printable paper option, as the online form is not able to be used. As a final resort, these forms can be printed in and submitted to One-Stop. 
  • This policy does not alter the permanent academic record; all attempts for a given course and all grades remain on the student's record. The earned hours associated with a forgiven course, however, are removed.
  • Although both courses and grades appear on the students permanent academic record, the grade for the forgiven course will not be calculated in any of the student's Grade Point Averages (See the Academic Average (Grade Point Average) policy.) The original grades will be calculated for the Latin Honors GPA. Using grade or term forgiveness will NOT improve your Latin Honors GPA.
  • This policy reflects UNF grade point calculations only and does not affect the grade point calculation of outside agencies or other institutions who may use all grades, including repeated and forgiven grades, in their calculations of grade point averages


Students may repeat courses without using the forgiveness policy. In this instance, both the original and the repeated grade(s) will be used in the calculation of all applicable Grade Point Averages, as stated in the Academic Average (Grade Point Average) policy. However, earned credit for only the last attempt will apply toward graduation.  (Please also see Repeat Hours and Excess Hours Calculation Policies.)


The Veterans Administration will not pay for repeated courses if the previous grade met academic standards. Students should direct questions to the Veterans Affairs Office in the Military-Veterans Resource Center.

Instructions for Completing a Grade Forgiveness

Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisor prior to completing a grade forgiveness to ensure this is the best course of action for the student. 

  • Log in to myWings  
  • Click on the "Student" tab at the top of the page
  • Select "Student Self Service" in the "My Records" channel
  • Click on "Online Forms" on the "Student Services" menu
  • Click on “Grade Forgiveness Request” 

Please read through the guidelines at the top of the form. When you are ready to begin your request, select Yes in the drop down menu and click Next.


Courses that are eligible for grade forgiveness will appear in a drop down menu. Select the course you want to forgive and click Next. You'll be prompted to review your information. Click Submit to complete your grade forgiveness. 


Once the process is complete, you'll see a link to review your new GPA and the course that was forgiven (it will have an asterisk (*) beside the grade). 

NOTE: If you have repeated a course during the current semester, the prior attempt will not be available for selection until seven days after grades post.


Once you have used term forgiveness or two grade forgiveness requests, you will no longer be able to access the form. Once a forgiveness has been processed, it cannot be reversed. You will also not be able to access the form once you have graduated or you have applied to graduate and the term has ended.


Punitive F grades, which appear as "FA" on the transcript, cannot be forgiven.