Financial Aid Bookstore Authorizations

Students whose financial aid exceeds the cost of their tuition and charges will receive a refund for the surplus amount.
As a courtesy to students, the University of North Florida may authorize students who anticipate a financial aid refund to use all or part of that refund in the Follett Bookstore at UNF. The amount of the bookstore authorization is limited to the anticipated financial aid refund and may not exceed $600 per semester.
Eligible students will receive notification of their bookstore authorization along with its value via their UNF email account.
A bookstore authorization is part of a student’s total financial aid – it is not additional funding – and the value represents the anticipated refund at the time the authorization was issued.   Changes to enrollment, especially changes that increase a student’s fee assessment, may result in changes to the actual value of the bookstore authorization. Students will be notified via their UNF email account of increases or decreases to their bookstore authorization.
The authorization may be used only during a small window of time each semester, generally through the Drop/Add period.