Jacksonville Commitment Scholars

About Us

Jacksonville Commitment Scholars are nursing majors, engineering majors, education majors, history majors, and business majors.  They have been invited to study at the Duke Summer Medical Education Program and to intern with the Sheriff’s office.  They have travelled the world, going to countries such as Italy, Egypt, Peru, and Morocco, representing Jacksonville, UNF and the Jacksonville Scholars program. As student leaders, they are making a difference and having a positive impact on their local and global communities.


About the Program

There are currently 261 Jacksonville Commitment Scholars at the University of North Florida.  In addition to a cost of attendance scholarship package, made possible by the city of Jacksonville, UNF, FSCJ, EWC, JU, and the very generous help of private donors, these students also participate in individual and group academic advising programs and classes provided by the ACE.   The SLS1995 Surviving Freshman Year class offered by the ACE, which is mandatory for all new UNF Jacksonville Commitment Scholars, helps to build community amongst the scholars while addressing the typical and not-so-typical transition challenges encountered by all university students.  Academic advising meetings focus on various topics, including studying abroad, choosing an appropriate major, understanding financial responsibility, and applying for internships and co-ops.  Individual advising meetings focus on the whole student and on the transition to university-level academics and to campus life.  For more information on the Jacksonville Commitment Scholarship, please go to http://www.unf.edu/jacksonvillecommitment/.