Cooperative Education Program At UNF


What Is Cooperative Education? (CO-OP)?

The University of North Florida Cooperative Education Program is designed to assist students achieve their educational and career goals, in conjunction with meeting the future human resource needs of co-op employers. Students gain practical work experience relevant to their major field of study over a period of multiple semesters. 

Note: Employers interested in posting a full-time or part-time position please click on the following link ../recruiting/postingjobs.html )


What Is The Difference Between Cooperative Education and Internships?


Co-op at a glance:

  • Positions must be approved by Co-op Coordinator
  • For academic credit (0-3 credit hours each semester)
  • Must adhere to the semester-based schedule
  • May be part-time or full-time
  • Paid positions
  • Must be relevant to the academic program
  • Very structured program closely monitored by the UNF Co-op Coordinator

Students register for the Co-op course, just like any other class, for every semester spent working in a Co-op position.


Internships at a glance:

  • Short-term assignments (timeline determine by student and employer)
  • For academic credit (only if internship is required for the degree)
  • May adhere to the semester-based schedule
  • May be part-time or full-time
  • May be relevant to the academic program or career goals
  • Less structure and not monitored by UNF Coordinator unless internship is required for graduation

Academic departments may require internships to meet degree requirements or offer internships on an optional basis. The Co-op coordinator can assist employers in identifying the best work experience program for their organization.


What Are the Benefits Of Co-op Program Participation? 

  • Students are committed for the entire semester
  • Attracts highly motivated, energetic, diverse student employees
  • Offers cost-effective recruiting and evaluation of students as future employees
  • Releases high-salaried professionals from time-consuming tasks and projects
  • Enables the business to participate in and impact the educational process
  • Enhances the organization’s visibility to students, faculty, and the community
  • Offers Co-op supervisors the opportunity to apply for a waiver of matriculation fees (Contact Co-op coordinator for more information)

Employer Program Timeline

Semester Before Post position in Career Wings
Begin student search
Review student resumes
Interview prospective students
Select co-op student
Prior to
Course Registration
Complete student mid-term evaluation
Arrange site visit with Co-op Coordinator
Before End of
Complete student final evaluation and time sheet
Complete Co-op Program Survey

Student Program Timeline

Semester Before Begin Co-op Application process
Begin Co-op Job Search
Interview with prospective employers
Prior to
Course Registration
Complete Co-op Assignment Form 
UNF Course
Registration Period
Register for Co-op class
Before End of
Complete all Co-op Course Assignments listed in course syllabus by established deadlines

Your Role As A Co-op Employer

To ensure that the co-op program goes as smoothly as possible, the University of North Florida encourages employers to complete the following before hiring a co-op student.

  • Gain support from senior management and from employees who will supervise students
  • Establish budgetary support and determine the wages and benefits to be offered
  • Familiarize students with the organization
  • Develop job assignments and qualifications to ensure that students work on projects that will lead to professional growth
  • Communicate expectations for the program to the Cooperative Education Program Coordinator and ask any remaining questions

A supervisor who accepts a University of North Florida co-op student in his/her department has four primary responsibilities.

I- Plan the work assignments in advance of the student's arrival.  

  • Develop projects related to the student's interests and course work (and appropriate to the student's academic level)
  • Spread assignments over the semester to maximize student productivity
  • Include a major project that will challenge the student's abilities
  • Provide space for the student to work
  • Make the co-op work assignments an integral part of the department's effort

II- Introduce the student to department personnel and orient the student to the department.  

    • Introduce the student to his or her coworkers
    • Explain the department's structure and how it fits into the overall organization structure
    • Explain to the student where he or she fits into the department
    • Familiarize the student with the department's major ongoing projects
    • Explain the department's policies, both formal and informal

III- Supervise the student on the job.  

  • Create and maintain a work environment that fosters learning offer guidance and direction to the student
  • Treat the student as a part of the department and organization
  • Periodically review the student's progress; make adjustments to assignment or provide direction as needed
  • Delegate appropriate responsibilities to the student
  • Arrange for training that is appropriate to the student's education level
  • Show confidence in the student as a professional
  • Include student in staff meetings

IV-Evaluate the student's performance  

  • Conduct a mid-term and end of term evaluation during each semester
  • Make recommendations for student's next work assignment
  • If appropriate, recommend student for permanent employment upon graduation

Cooperative Education Student Applicants 

  • Must be accepted into the Cooperative Education program 
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA (employers may require a higher GPA)
  • Meet any prerequisites required by their academic department
  • Commence work assignments at the beginning of each semester, either in August, January, or May
  • Register for the Co-op class in their major for each semester spent working in a Co-op position

Credit Hour Guidelines and Requirements

Students must complete the required hours based on the number of credits they registered for each semester. Please note: If a student registered for 0 credit hours they must complete a minimum of 100 hours/semester.
If the Student wants to receive: He/she must work a minimum of:
3 Credit Hours 300 hours/semester
2 Credit Hours 225 hours/semester
1 Credit Hour 150 hours/semester
0 Credit 100 hours/semester* (minimum required)
*International students are not eligible for zero credit hours.

Post A Co-op Postion-- All Employers 

  1. Post position in Osprey Career Link by logging in below:

  Osprey Career Link-Employers-141

  1. Your position will go into a holding bin for approval.
  2. Once the position is approved it will be activated and made available to students



You'd Be In Good Company!

Previous Cooperative Education employers include:

Adtec, Inc.
Advanced Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Advantus Corporation
American Association of Clinical       Endocrinologists
American Lung Association
Amtech Computer Services
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Applied Digital Solutions
Applications Engineering Group, Inc.
Armor Holdings, Inc.
Arnold Transportation Services
Bank of America
Baptist Medical
Best Buddies Jacksonville
Bill Simpson & Associates, Inc.
Black & Veatch
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
Bombardier Capital, Inc.
Brooks Rehabilitation Center
Capernaum, Inc.
Children’s Home Society, Buckner

Citibank Universal Card Services
City of Jacksonville
Clear Channel Communications
Coastline Lending
Commerce Diving Academy
Community Hospice
Community in School of Jax, Inc.
Congressman Ander Crenshaw
CSX Transportation
Duval County Public Health
ECI Telecom, Inc.
Elkins Construction, Inc.
England, Thims, & Miller, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Florida Department of Children and

Florida Department of Environmental

Florida Department of Transportation
Florida Times Union
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Global Food Resources, Inc.
The Haskell Company
Health Care Management Consulting,

HomeSide Lending
IBM Global Services, Inc.
Industrial Power Systems, Inc.
Information Display Systems, Inc.
Jackson & Hewitt
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
Jacksonville & The Beaches
      Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jacksonville Economic Development

Jacksonville Electric Authority
Jacksonville Humane Society
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Transportation

John Hancock Financial Services
Law Offices of David James Thorpe
Legacy Trust Company
Malivai Washington Kids Foundation

Managing Partners, Inc.
The Mandarin News
Mayo Clinic

Medical Services Company
Memorial Hospital
Mental Health Association of  N. E.

Merrill Lynch
MGT Information, Inc.
The Miralink Group, Inc.
NAS Naval Air Depot
National Council on Compensation

National Park Service
Northeast Florida Regional Planning

Northrop Grumman Newport News
Nuvell Financial Services and National Auto Finance
Orthodontic Centers of America
PGA Tour
Predator Products
Prologic Controls
Prudential Insurance Company
RingPower Systems
Rowe & Rowe P.A.
Sea Star Line
Seminole Electric Cooperative
Sidewinder Technologies
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
Southwest Signal Engineering
St. Johns River Water Management
St. Luke’s Hospital
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
State Attorney’s Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit
Summer Breeze Transport
The Arthur Wilbur Co./Outdoor

The Dalton Agency
The Stellar Group
Sungard Corbel
Taylor Engineering Systems, Inc.
Timucuan Ecological & Historic

TNT Logistics
Unicorp IT Solutions Group
Unison Industries
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval
      Air Station

U.S. Naturalization & Immigration

University of North Florida
VA Medical Centers- Lake City and

Verizon Services Group
Vestcor Realty Management, Inc.
Walt Disney World
Water Recovery, Inc.
Water’s Edge Magazine
Williams Earth Sciences
WJKS Channel 17
WJXT Channel 4
WTLV Channel 12
W.W. Gay Facility Automation, Inc.
W.W. Gay Fire & Integrated Systems,