EDG 2000 Career Planning Classes

 Course Description

  • Self-assessment activities (looking at skills, interests, values, and personality characteristics as they relate to career choice)
  • Career decision-making
  • Career exploration  
  • Learning the necessary employability skills (i.e. resume writing, networking, interviewing)
  • To obtain and keep a job once a choice has been made
  • The basic purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to develop the necessary skills in all areas of career development.

 Course Goals

  • Gain insight into your personality, interests, values, needs and skills as they relate to the world of work 
  • Identify career alternatives for exploration 
  • Use a variety of information resources to explore academic major or career options 
  • Understand and use decision-making skills for life planning 
  • Learn employability skills necessary for a successful job search (i.e. resume writing, interviewing, job hunting, networking, cover letter writing). 
  • Understanding Occupational Trends and the changing world of work.   
  • Development of team, leadership, and presentation skills 



Six sections are offered in the Fall and Spring terms.

Four sections are offered in the Summer B term.