Employability Skills Program (ESP)

To make a successful transition from academics to a very competitive world of work, you will need to develop important skills for presenting your qualifications to potential employers.  

The Employability Skills Program is a series of seminars, workshops, services, and events designed to help you develop the develop employability skills and present yourself professionally to potential employers and be successful after you graduate from UNF.

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For resume critiques: Career Services offers daily Walk-In Times.  Call Career Services to check on the daily schedule.


Employability Skills Program Components:




Got A Major, Now What?
You have a major you’re confident about, but now what?  Can you identify the many career paths your major offers?  Do you want to explore internship opportunities?  Career Counselors provide current information and strategies to help you plan for a successful career. Workshop Times are customized to fit your schedule!   Call or visit Career Services for details about signing-up.

Employability Skills Workshop:

This workshop is set up in 3 fifteen minute modules designed to give you an overview of the job search basics

Module 1: Your College Career On One Page: Resume and Cover Letters
Effective resumes and letters grab the attention of interviewers. Poor ones end up in the "round file."  This module will consider format, content, style, and layout in resume, and cover letter writing and will present many examples.   

Module 2: Chilling Out In The Hot Seat: Effective Interviewing
This module focuses on guidelines for preparing, how to dress, presenting information, answering questions effectively, and follow-up.

Module 3: Job Search Strategies
This workshop module teaches you how design and implement a comprehensive job search campaign, how to initiate, maintain and follow-up interpersonal contacts through networking, and how to maximize your time at a job fair.




The Grad School Game: Applying To Graduate School

This workshop is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of applying to graduate school. Going to Graduate school is not your only option after graduation but it might be an important one to consider depending on the career path you choose.  This workshop helps you decide if graduate school is really necessary to pursue your career goals.  Learn how to research and gather information about specific graduate programs and schools.  Understand what is required in terms of application materials, testing, scholarships, and deadlines. 



How To Get An Internship
This workshop is designed to help students with questions about how to find internships. This workshop will answer all questions about the process of doing an internship, from start to finish. Leave with specific steps on how to decide what to look for, where and when to search, and who to talk with. Get started on your search with confidence! 



Getting Linked In and Build Your Network
In this workshop, we'll explore how to set up your Linkedin profile correctly and appropriately.  Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, such as how you can use it for professional networking, the internship and job search, and for keeping up with trends and news in your major/career.


Resume Critiques:   Career Services offers a variety of ways to have your resume critiqued:

  • Walk-Ins Appointments- Career Services staff members are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Walk-in times are scheduled for every day of the week.   Check the Career Services calendar for days/times or call 620-2955.
  • Scheduled Appointments- Call Career Services at 620-2955 and ask to make an appointment with one of our College Career Liaisons.  Our Professional staff members will review your resume and help you develop an effective, targeted resume.
  • On-line Resume/Cover Letter Critiques- Upload your resume into the Osprey Career Link system for review by a Career Services staff member.  If improvements will be recommended, you will receive an email critique of your resume or cover letters.  




Practice Interviews
Career Services offers a variety of options to develop your job interviews skills through practice interviewing:

  • Scheduled Appointments: Call Career Services at 620-2955 and ask to make an appointment with one of our College Career Liaisons.  Our professional staff members will conduct a practice interview and help you develop important interview skills
  • InterviewStream: Available through a link on Osprey Career Link, this program enables you to conduct unlimited practice interviews.  The program features over 3500 interview questions.  Use your webcam to record your interview and then review and evaluate your interview skills.  


Job Search Counseling

Call Career Services at 620-2955 and ask to schedule an appointment with a College Career Liaison.  Our professional staff members can help you establish your job target and develop a comprehensive job search plan of action.



Employability Skills Program-CERTIFICATE

Career Services will award an Employability Skills Program Certificate for those individuals who complete the following:

1. and 2.  Attend two of the Workshops listed above
3. Have your resume critiqued and approved by a Career Services staff member
4. Conduct a practice interview

Career Services will record your completion of each of the ESP components and will award the Certificate when 4 components have been completed. 

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